Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ground hog War is ON!

So, I come to you with a theme I am quickly getting tired of this summer.

The ground hogs want to eat all of my garden. I, in turn, do not want them to. I want them to go away and live in the woods the way God meant all happy ground hogs to do. I also want them to not scare the snot out of me as I stand barefoot in my yard and they tear around almost running over my toes and almost making me kick one with my bare feet.

So this is the deal. The ground hogs are everywhere here. I can count 30 while driving on base, in less then 15 minutes. They are the plague of Ft Dix. No, scratch that. The sign outside of Ft. Dix says, "Home of the Ultimate Weapon." Well, being an AF wife living on an Army Post I have no clue what the Ultimate Weapon is BUT I am beginning to believe that it is the Ground Hog. The Army should enlist them ALL!

So, I have a mid-size white vinyl slated fence here and I have put in several gardens in the back yard inside this fence. I quickly learned that I would need to do more to save my garden so I bought chicken wire fencing and put that around all of the Veggie gardens. I am not found of chicken wire fencing in my backyard cause it looks like I live on a farm. IF I had the privilege of living on a farm I would not care, but I don't. I live in housing on a military base and trust me, there is little about it that is FARM like. My neighbors, though nice, are very, very close to me.

Anyhow... so I put in chicken wire. I put in metallic pin wheels to confuse them and perhaps hypnotize them or something. It didn't work.

For a while, it kept them out of the veggies and they lived on my decorative sweet potato vines. They carefully plucked each and every leaf and left skeletons in the pots on my patio. I mourned the loss and put them up higher to see if they would come back.

THEN the buggers decided to just throw their little bodies against the chicken wire fences in pure desperation. I am mean aren't I? I let them SEE the yummy green beans but they are not allowed to touch the yummy green beans. They bent the fences down enough to run in the gardens and have a party in the early morning today.

The garden was very sad this morning when I went to check on it. It cried and told me how the ground hog vikings came and pillaged and plundered and stole the children away as slaves... or something like that. MY children, in turn, decided to find weapons and sit watch in the yard. For real. My Boy got a piece of wood, an old fence post or something and decided to call it a machete. Uh huh... My daughter got a child size garden hoe. Nice. My garden crusaders are sitting watch.

I have put in ANOTHER call for housing to come and trap them. I think there are at least 5 of them that live in our back field, but I think one of them has set up home under my shed.

I am wishing I DID live on a farm so I could purchase a 22 and blast them all. I did prove at cub scout camp recently that I am a good shot! MUAHAHAHAHA. Yes. I would do it. They are no where near endangered. Do they taste good?

With all my veggies in them they must.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Catching up

So, I have not posted in well over a year. In a year a lot has happened. We have moved across the country with the military. My daughter has mainly recovered from the attack last year. We continue to homeschool. I continue to be addicted to coffee. I continue to read and love children's books. Last night I read two actually, more on that later.

Does anyone read blogs anymore? I am calling out into the darkness! Everyone is always on facebook and so am I. I do sometimes have things that I don't want to post to facebook, or are just too long to post etc.

I keep thinking about posting here more, but good intentions just don't always cut it.

I often think that perhaps I should use this as mainly a children's book review blog with some of my other things thrown in for good measure. Time will tell.

Notice how I make no promises here? So sad.

Well, I have children to school and cats who obviously need more attention judging from the sudden need I have to sit cockeyed so I can see the monitor past the large cat sitting on the desk.

Have a great day blog world.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

my compassion mother's day gift

A few days ago I received a new letter from our sponsored child, Brayan. We sponsor Brayan through Compassion International. I also do volunteer work through Compassion but this is really about him today and not quite as much about Compassion. Getting a letter from Brayan is always very exciting and this one was no different! It came with a picture of him with a box and a huge smile on his face. It reads as follows:

Receive a cordial greeting full of a lot of kisses and hugs. May the Lord Jesus bless you and protect you. I thank you very much for that beautiful gift: it is a pair of shoes and some socks. Thanks-you for thinking of me. I feel very happy for being at the Project, because they are giving me many things like: the Word of God and how to obey my parents. I also want to tell you that I am back at school. I want to ask you: what was your favorite subject? Please, I ask you, in a very special way, to keep on praying for me. I say bye with hugs and a lot of love.


Now, this is a great letter and it in and of itself would have been extremely well loved in my home and reread by us many times BUT... what I noticed after reading it is that his instructors name WASN'T on it. Usually it will say towards the bottom of the letter,"Written by Mary C**** because Brayan isn't old enough to write the letter on his own." Suddenly I noticed that this wasn't mentioned this time and I looked up at the top portion of the letter to find that the cursive writing at the top of the letter, where it is written in the original Spanish, was certainly that of a child. My eyes widened as I realized that I was holding Brayan's first letter written by his own hand to us! This letter will be treasured even more then the others from him. I have loved watching this little boy grow. It is now almost two years since we first sponsored Brayan. His hair has darkened as his nutrition has improved. His smile is brighter and he often talks to me now about prayer in his letters. He seems to also talk to us in a more familiar way and I love answering his questions and sending him letters back with small gifts enclosed.

My son, so far away in Colombia gave me such an honorable Mother's Day gift.

Please join me in praying for Brayan, and for his family. Please consider sponsoring a child through Compassion International. I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Monday, March 1, 2010

kids book review---Leo The Late Bloomer

So, I had almost stopped blogging in any way shape or form and now look at me! Two posts in a week. Granted one was just incredibly depressing, but this is life here folks.

Alright, so once upon a time I really thought that I would review some children's books here on my blog cause I love children's books and read tons of them and have some very strong opinions on many of them. BUT when you do read tons of children's books that usually means you are reading them and running with kids and not writing things online. Well, except for those people who seem to manage it all, but I am not one of those people.

I read a book from the Library the other day to my kids and we loved it. The three of us just sat there and read it three times in a row and with kids my kids ages we do not do that all that often anymore. Back in the day that was all I ever did, the same books over and over and over, but now they are good with reading different ones each time and their favorites over again just now and again.

This book they all loved. My daughter picked this out at the Library, although it reminded me the most of my Boy.

The title is Leo the Late Bloomer, by Robert Kraus, and it is a delightful book. It is about a Tiger cub named Leo, who shockingly is a Late Bloomer. I know... I know... strange since that is what the title says.

Leo's dad worries about him. Leo's mom is convinced that he will bloom. Leo's dad watches him constantly looking for signs of blooming and in the end Leo does what Leo's mom knew he would do. He blooms beautifully.

I read this book with it's sweet lyrical quality and nearly cried. Now, I know that I am on the emotional side right now, and I get that, but this had nothing to do with my daughter, this had everything to do with my Son.

My Boy has been a late bloomer.
He didn't read when all his buddies started reading. He had ZERO interest in writing anything... including his name. He did not want to draw things, but loved using just colors and circles and things. I worried. I fretted. I pushed him with school. I put him in situations at church he just personally wasn't ready for. People told me that he just needed shoved off in that direction. They told me that sometimes it would be painful for kids but it was best for them. They questioned my parenting. I sat and watched and worried and prayed.

I started him a year late in cub scouts in a younger level. I relaxed. He found books he loved. He learned to love writing. He found his voice. He bloomed.

When we finished reading this book for the second time last night my little Leo just snuggled into me and you could almost hear my little lover of Tigers purr. This story was his and it does have a beautiful ending.

I highly recommend this book. It is good for your late bloomers to relate to and it is good for all children to see differences and to understand about that. We are different, but we all bloom at some time or another and each bloom though different is gorgeous and amazing in it's own blooming way.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

i must write- it will be raw

A week ago my daughter was violently assaulted by an eight year old little boy. She was pushed down and pulled down. She was refused the right to leave the room. She cried for help and no one heard. She was pushed down onto the floor with a folded metal chair. She was cornered and threatened and then hit in the head with a large board. When she finally lay crying on the floor in the corner, the young boy ran from the room, shutting off the light and leaving her alone.

My brain is having problems taking that picture from my head. The picture of my baby, alone in the dark, crying. She is cowering on the floor. Did she pass out? I do not know. Did she call my name? Did she feel deserted and so alone? She does have a concussion so I do know that her pain there is the dark was not minor, but was severe.

As parents we are to protect them, but we can't always. That is a hard thing to learn it is easier to say, harder to understand. In places you feel safe you are not always safe. With people you feel safe with you are not always safe.

She has had some bad dreams... she has dreamed of robots attacking her and trying to kill her. She has had dreams of cars running over her legs. She has talked to her precious Bear about a girl hitting him in the head and has talked of getting him a wheelchair in case he is hurt. She played pretend jousting with him yesterday and Bear got hurt and then she spent the rest of the day taking care of her sweet Bear. Doctoring him and giving him medicine and just loving him so sweet.

Last night I made a mistake. I tried to take her to church. She didn't want to go, but I thought it would be good for her to go. She loves the people there, she hugs the pastor, talks with her friends, hugs her teachers, helps me serve pizza and sodas.

Last night she laid on me during services. Snuggling close. She went to class happily but didn't remain happy. She cried off and on during class, hiding in a little corner so that others wouldn't see her. It was all too much, too soon. I didn't realize. She has so much fear that right now she doesn't understand.

It is all still so surreal to me.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Compassion in Haiti

Tonight I was searching for more information on Haiti and of how Compassion international was working with their centers there in Haiti when I came across this information.

I read through and not having a child sponsored in Haiti I didn't look for a specific center.

I did however read the comments and I read the comments and I read the comments.

It wasn't long before I had tears in my eyes. There were 100 comments, most from sponsors looking for ANY information on their child. They sound desperate and I am sure they are. They were trying to figure out exactly where their child was on the map and comparing that to where the epicenter of the quake was.

Some of them left comments that they were glad that their child was on an island far away, other left comments that they child was just 7 miles from the epicenter and they simply asked for prayers.

The pain and emotion is raw in the comments and to me sounds like so much more then simply a relationship where money is just sent.

It is obvious that these children are loved, cherished, prayed over, thought of and believed in.

These sponsors sound more like parents, longing for information yet fearful of what they will hear.

If you are looking for a way to help in Haiti, you should consider Compassion International. They have a large network already at work in Haiti. They know the people, they are the people there and they are already in place to start helping.

This page has all the Haiti updates from Compassion and it has specific ways in which you can help and what exactly your donations will do for the people of Haiti.

Please check it out.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

free spirit

Yesterday we went to a craft class at the local Michael's. They have these demonstrations on how
to do certain things and I decided to take The Girl to see them do painted glass ornaments. They did then allow the five little girls to paint an ornament to take home. My Girl did hers slightly differently. Shocking, I know. The rest of the little girls followed the exact directions to make a sweet little Christmas ornament. They decoupaged on sweet little snowflakes and glitter and such. My girl? Well, she decided that she wanted to make an Autumn ornament. So, she painted it red and she then painted green leaves on the ornament. The green leaves happen to also look like chicken feet, but she was quite happy with her creation. Though, I will admit that the other little girl's ornaments looked quite a bit more polished and "finished," I will also admit that My Girl's ornament was all HER.

She is a free spirit. She doesn't typically care if you are not supposed to read books on the bench during soccer. She reads them cause she wants to.

She creates games that get little girls running and all using their imaginations. During her brother's soccer games she would rally the troops and lead treasure hunts using maps drawn on her little sparkly purple etch a sketch. Then all the little girls were asking their moms for etch a sketches for Christmas.

She is often in another world. Sparkling and dancing and moving and doing her own thing.

Her own world is different. The only problem is when it collides with someone else's world. Or someone else's desire to actually play baseball and get people out... rather then pick clover.

Free spirits may not actually make good second base players. Frankly free spirits don't bother much with baseball. Free spirits enjoy other pursuits like finding those sneaky little fairies that hide in the clover.

I hope she does not lose her free spirit. Ever.

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