Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Books and Blueberry Wine

I have a feeling that books are going to be a fairly normal feature here on my blog. John, my husband, has even commented that I should make this a children's book review. I am not sure that I want to do that, but I will be posting on books quite a bit.

I read quite a bit, I always have and I am sure I always will. We use a very literature rich curriculum for our homeschool and I pick up books here and there for the kids as well. I have found something interesting happening. I can't always explain what is going on in the book. I found this the other day... We were reading the book Mountain Born and something came up that The Boy didn't actually ask about, but I wondered about... and knew that I couldn't answer. Then I wondered how I would ever go about looking up the information if I wanted to. You see... the book is about a family of sheep farmers in, oh... the late 1800s... I think. I had this question, and I kept thinking about it as I read the one portion to The Boy. The family were leaving the sheep on the hillside all summer. Everynight. It didn't appear in the book as if the sheep were checked on AT ALL the whole summer. Now... how does that work?! Did they actually do that? Did they just ship the sheep on up there and think, "Gee, I hope they don't all get eaten by wolves." I mean... I can see leaving them up there and checking on them daily, or twice daily but leaving them up there and never checking on them just seemed really weird to me, and this is honestly what the book let you believe.

Here is my problem, I don't know anyone that was a sheep farmer back in the late 1800s. I don't even know how I would begin to search that in Google. What would I put in the little box, "sheep left on hillside, do wolves eat?" It just baffled me. Anyhow, this isn't the only book I have had questions about, there are many, and they are all older books and my questions are all concerning things that aren't as easy to find out anymore.

For example, one of my favorite series is the Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery. She is phenomenal. Once again, this is from about the same time period, the later 1800s. I have heard that the annotated version of Anne of Green Gables is incredible. It tells you all about these things that you wonder about. The references to nature and politics etc. My problem is that for years, I have had a question concerning another of Montgomery's books, Magic for Marigold. This is another sweet book and in it, in one delicious portion, Marigold and a friend open a bottle of Blueberry wine and it goes EVERYWHERE. And the book mentions that they didn't know blueberry wine, or something like that. So... what does that mean?! I don't know of anyone even drinking blueberry wine at all, let alone making their own in the late 1800s?! How does one go about finding out about blueberry wine? Did you have to open it a specific way? Was it too aged? Not aged enough? Did they shake it or something when they brought it up from the cellar? I have no idea. I wonder if I will ever find out.

Maybe I should go ask Jeeves.


Anonymous said...

things that make you go hmmm... - Ryan

brian said...

I just dicovered your blog, Anna--congratulations! Looks great.


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