Monday, January 14, 2008

The Day the Giggles wore us out!

Tonight, the kids and I sat down on the sofa for some good reading time. We read a couple of chapters in the book The Family Under the Bridge, we followed that up with the wonderful and whimsical book The Day the Babies Crawled Away.

We followed that with some lovely reading from the favorite collection of Madeline, and finally a wonderful couple of stories from yet another of my children's favorite books, The Usborne Book of First Experiences.

Admittedly, The Day the Babies Crawled Away, has not been on our shelf long, it is a new acquisition. We picked it up at a yard sale this last fall, for oh, about a quarter. It is a nice hardback book with a dust jacket. We all know that the dust jacket will not stay on the book, but I am willing to give it a fighting chance.

I will admit that we just giggled ourselves silly at this book tonight. It hadn't been read in awhile because it is a little too tall for most of my shelves, so it has to lay down on a shelf and it had gotten buried. I dug it out and we read it tonight and honestly, there are so many little funny details that my children just found hysterical. The kids often take books to bed and this one was one of the ones chosen. The Girl got the honor of toting this one off to bed and she was thrilled.

One of our favorite details of this book, that my children think is one of the funniest things in the world is the one little baby is almost constantly hanging upside down. In every scene, there she is! It is so cute! She has this little bow on her head, just like the ones I used to put on the top of my little baby's head and I think my little girl felt great connection to this silly little one because of that. In the last picture, it shows all the babies, through the windows, at home with their parents. Through that little bow-girl's window, we see the mom and daughter hanging upside down from the rafters in their house. My kids found this incredibly funny.

I don't think I mentioned that this entire book is done in silhouette. The background is in color, the sky softly changing to show the changing of the day... the silhouettes showing all the detail and all the charm. The illustrations are simply fantastic for a children's book, crisp and clear and so sweetly detailed.

My kids loved this book and what better way to put kids to bed than with lots of giggles.

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