Monday, January 28, 2008

Former Tooth Fairy Seeks Employment

The boy lost his first tooth before Christmas. Last week, he lost his second tooth. When he lost his first tooth he decided that he would not leave it for the tooth fairy, he would save it. I stuck it in a zippered baggie and put it on the counter and we haven't seen it since. This bothered me slightly but what can you do? It was a little crazy here before, during and after Christmas, we had lots of family in and I had done some silly things like try to make oh, 10 batches of fudge and plan a Christmas party for the home school group... etc, etc. I have issues. Anyway... so this last week the boy decided to leave his second tooth for the tooth fairy.

We put it in a baggy and wrote on it, "The Boy's Second Tooth." Once again, we tempted fate and put it on the kitchen counter. The next morning, The Boy came in to see me and announced that he had forgotten to put his tooth out for the tooth fairy. I told him that it was fine, she would still pick it up the next night. The tooth, in it's baggy, remained on the kitchen counter.

The next morning, The Boy came into my bedroom again, looking sleepy he announced, "The tooth fairy didn't come momma. I put it under my pillow and she didn't come." My eyes popped out of my head. I had completely forgotten! Yikes! He never said one word about putting it under his pillow!!! He just did it! "Sweetie, I am sure she just got confused when you forgot to put it under your pillow yesterday, we will leave her a note and I am sure she will remember tonight." My response was hollow from my mortified momma mouth. He walked sleepily back to his room.

The NEXT morning, The Boy walks into my room and says, "The tooth fairy didn't come... and I can't find my tooth now." Talk about dying, yet somehow STILL being alive... oh... my... word... I was beyond mortified.... my response, "This tooth fairy has some issues, but we forgot to put out the note. Perhaps we should write to her boss instead? I think the tooth fairy needs fired." He just walked away. Do I get the bad mom of the year award yet?

That night, I carefully crept into the boy's room, with a silver dollar and a container of glitter. The problem is that now the tooth in it's baggy was missing! I had to find it... so I crept back out to grab a flash light. I laid down on the floor with the flash light, I figured it had to be under his bed somewhere. He has these tubs of marble works under the bed and I spied it in the one tub. I carefully pulled it out, trying to think up an excuse for my odd behavior should The Boy wake up. He didn't because mainly he sleeps through anything, including the smoke detector. I got the tooth... I carefully put the silver dollar under his pillow and then, I did something a little crazy. I sprinkled glitter around it in the dark. I couldn't exactly tell how much glitter was coming out of this little container... it was very nice whitish glitter, and so I decided to put some under the pillow and some around the edge where the fairy would have been.

The next morning, The Boy walks into my room, and looks at me. His face and his hair were absolutely COVERED in glitter. I stifled a giggle. "Mom, the tooth fairy came, but she didn't leave me anything." He said this all through the glitter. I hid my huge smile under the covers and replied, "Perhaps you should go check under your pillow again?" He wandered off and came back skipping with his silver dollar, "Look! She left me this!" He was grinning pretty big. I nudged John who was mostly still sleeping, "Look dear, the tooth fairy visited The Boy last night finally." John opened one eye and looked over, "Uh huh." I don't think he noticed the glitter. The Boy was beaming, I smiled at him, "Well, you better go and put that in your bank, and um... have you looked in the mirror? It appears that the fairy dropped quite a bit of fairy dust in your room." I was trying SO hard not to giggle. Loudly. He skipped into the bathroom and came back with his eyes wide, "I have fairy dust ALL over me!" He was laughing and ran to show his sister. I rolled over and whispered to John, "Did you see him! He is covered with glitter!" John didn't really respond, except with another, "uh huh."

Later, we were all up and for some reason in Jesse's room, John looked at the bed, and remarked, "Well, that tooth fairy really dropped quite a bit of fairy dust here." The bed was sparkling all over. I have no idea how that much glitter came out of that little tiny bottle! He whispered to me, "You made it memorable... late, but memorable."

I may have made it memorable, but I am still so embarrassed that I forgot about this! This is one of those important things of childhood. Eh well... someday he will probably find the entire thing to be hysterical. In the meantime, I will continue to blush over my lack of pixiness.


Anonymous said...

OooooooOOOOooooOWWwwwwWWWwwwWW! My sides HURT!:) Still laughing:) Leave it to Anna (and John to roll with the punches and fairy dust:)


Anonymous said...

ps... are you sure you didn't find the first tooth in one of the ten batches of fudge?
:) Rebecca

Anonymous said...

ROFL!!!!! HAHAHAHHAH That was some story, Anna.

I'd do the fairy dust thing myself, if my little rugrats wouldn't try to fly to the second star on the right right off their bunk beds with it.

Hugs, Jenny

Anna said...

As far as I know I didn't put it in the fudge... though I had SO much fudge left over that I actually tossed quite a bit of it. It was either that or eat it myself and I didn't want to see the outcome of that! So, it may now be in some landfill in a slab of fudge.

Anonymous said...

Anna, you gave me my morning laugh!! That is soooo funny!



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