Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pass the Buck

So, apparently some people are very, well... worried about us home-schoolers. This woman in the news this last week who killed her four children, was a "home-schooler." I use that in the loosest of terms with her. In my opinion, she was not a home-schooler, she was a mom who wanted to kill her kids without having the problem of the school missing them. This was a convenient way to do that. Say that you are homeschooling and just don't turn back.

I was a teacher... I saw people home school for reasons that were less than honorable. However, I am a home-schooler. I home school my kids for very different reasons.

This article discusses how home-schoolers can be a problem because teachers aren't there to catch the signs of abuse. As THIS teacher obviously caught abuse *note the sarcasm*. The social workers had been called in on the Jacks case multiple times before, I don't know that a teacher would have helped this situation much. They already had so many venues fail them when it came to intervening in this sad path.

The point I suppose I am trying to make here is that the majority of home-schoolers are probably parents that are over concerned with their children. We are not the type of parents who are likely to abuse or kill children.

The experts feel now that they need more measures in place to track home-schoolers because of this? I know this is going to sound bad, but how many moms have killed their kids in the last year? How many were involved in the killing of their children in the last year? How many were home-school moms? Where is the best place for them to be spending government money?

I believe, very strongly that they should seek out better ways to track these types of crimes. There are situations in which these problems are more likely to occur. This woman fit into other profiles of moms in extreme duress. Why are they simply classifying her as a home-schooler? Honestly, that is the last thing she is. What she is, is a mom who was very down on her luck. A mom who had run out of food stamps benefits, and whose partner had died, who apparently struggled with mental illness.

They are trying to pawn this off on home-schoolers, when what they should be doing is spending the government's money on things much more worthwhile, like social services for families in similar situations. Situations where problems like this are more likely to occur. They need to dig deeper in files... rather than close them when they haven't been able to get the lady to open her front door.

The government is trying to pass the buck here. They are trying to say, "Oh, this isn't our fault! Oh, No! This happened because they simply don't have enough laws in place for us to monitor home-schoolers."

I wonder how many in our country will buy that sorry excuse? I hope people keep their eyes open long enough to see that this poor woman and her babies were not home-schoolers... but they did need the intervention that they never got.

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brian said...

My grandmother (dad's mom) is prejudiced against homeschooling, almost as though it's a cult, which is quite odd. But for her, this probably has something to do with the people that she knows (i.e., one of her daughters-in-law in particular) who do it. They're the kind of people who believe heavily in government conspiracies, black helicopters, guns, racism and segregation, would kill abortion doctors, etc. Even if this does comprise an eerily large (even if relatively small) portion of home-school families, it seems hardly representative of the group, as you say.


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