Thursday, January 24, 2008

Walmart is Coming Undone at the Seams

We were away for a few days this last weekend helping some friends move and I stopped by Walmart for something I would normally just pick up at the friendly base BX. Anyhow, I walked the aisles looking for some hair bows for The Girl and of course didn't find those, but found 5 other things that I could use. One of those other things was flannel sheets for the kids. They were very cheap, on clearance even, and so I picked up a set for each of the kids. The Boy has been desperately wanting some flannel sheets ever since he snuggled with me in our nice set. I told him if he waited, I would get some on clearance since they would be much cheaper then and he really had sheets that were perfectly fine.

The moment had come!

He was thrilled and helped me select the sheets, as only a little boy can. I even pulled down some that had fun boy things on them, sports balls etc, but he decided that he really only needed plain blue, because it would match his bedroom better. Um... are you a kid? Then I showed him different ones for The Girl so that he could help me figure out what she would want and he decided that plain pink would be best for her because it would match her room better as well. I think he is weird, but he is right... so we got the plain sheets and went on back to our friend's house.

I washed the sheets yesterday and put them on the Boy's bed, but the Girl's sheets were still in the dryer so she had to deal still with the regular cotton sheets. This morning, I stripped off her sheets and attempted to put the flannel sheets on her bed except there was a problem. The sheets had a hole in the corner that I started with. The seam had come apart. I stuck them in the hallway so that I would remember to pull out my sewing machine and sew them, which I did this evening. The problem is that as I sewed up that corner of my brand new flannel sheets I decided to check every other corner on the set, and low and behold EVERY corner needed done. I begrudgingly sewed up every corner on the sheet and was very glad that I had a sewing machine, or I would be returning the sheets and I honestly hate returning things so much that sewing the sheets was much more preferable.

As I sewed up these sheets, I did contemplate why I even bothered buying things at Walmart anymore. It just seemed that this happens too often to put up with, and frankly, sewing up brand new sheets, happening even once is way too often.


brian said...

But just think what you'd do without Walmart! We've suffered without one here. Hard to go to the grocery store for under $150 for a $90 Walmart trip.

Anna said...

Well, honestly, we use the BX and Commissary for most all of our shopping needs. I think I have been to Walmart a total of 3 times since I have lived here for over a year now. I just don't have much of a use for it now.

I know that someday we will be back in the civilian world and will probably feel the way you do, but for now, I will whine about the sheets. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna!

I don't blame you for being disappointed, I would have been too.
We avoid Wal-Mart as best as we can, still waiting for a Target in our area!

~Kris (Merri)


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