Sunday, February 3, 2008

Before Green Gables

I happen to be an Anne of Green Gables addict. I will honestly say that without any qualms. I started reading Montgomery's books when I was about 10 and I have never looked back. I consider them some serious comfort reading. I found Anne on the wonderful PBS channel growing up in Pittsburgh, PA. We would rush home from wherever we happened to be and the entire family would be completely glued to the TV watching the Anne series. I then found out about the books and requested them for Christmas. My grandmother, another avid reader, bought me the whole Anne series and I devoured them all in a very short time and wanted more. Slowly over the years, I have bought nearly everything written by Montgomery, I have reread these books more times than I can count. One of my absolute dream vacations would be to go to PEI; I keep thinking that someday The Girl and I will run on up to the Island and explore to our hearts content. I will need to wait until she is old enough to read the books herself... and then there is no looking back... we will burn rubber out of the driveway! Yes, I am addicted.

Today, I heard of this interesting article that discusses a "new" Anne book. This is a prequel that is authorized by Montgomery's family. L.M. Montgomery herself died during WWII, and so she has no say in the matter, but her family obviously thinks this is a good idea. I, however, do not but I am not making money on it, so take that as you will. I suppose it bothers me because I think Montgomery left enough about Anne's life to have it stand on it's own. In the books, Anne never wanted to discuss her time much before Green Gables though she did on very rare occasions. She did give enough information over time however, that you are able to piece together the basics. I don't believe that this book is necessary... and I don't believe that Montgomery herself would like it much. There is quite a bit to be said for leaving things to the imagination and I would think that Montgomery herself would have enjoyed us imagining all sorts of other endings and beginnings to the lives of her characters. Her characters have such large imaginations that I can't fathom her wanting us to have absolutely everything filled in for us.

All of that being said I will, unfortunately, be purchasing this book. How sad is that?! I know that I will not be able to help myself and I will report to the bookstore to check it out and then I will buy it and will probably not like it. Can I stop myself? I seriously doubt it.

I will post a review here just for all of you. Oh... and if perchance you have not read the L.M. Montgomery books, particularly The Anne series and The Blue Castle and The Story Girl, then run out and get them now. I am not kidding... they are more than worth it. There is a reason that Canada is making an Anne postage stamp to celebrate the 100 year anniversary and an Anne coin etc... etc... You will be missing out if you never read these books and it will be all your fault, cause I warned you right here on my little blog.


Anna said...

Oh...I am so sad to read that there is a "new" Anne book. How dreadful. I totally agree with you that no more needs to be said about Anne's life before she came to Green Gables.

I stopped by your blog from The Homeschool Lounge. Not only do we share the same first name, but we also share a love for all things Anne. (and just so that you know it...I am Anne spelled with an "a", Anna. I have always been likened to Anne since I was a small child)

Becka said...

I found your blog through the homeschool lounge. you look very familar to me, but I can't seem to place it. I was hoping to find some hints on your blog, but nothing jogged my memory. If you hapen to live near the St Louis area, then I am SURE we have met before...

Anyhow, I adore LM Mongomery. She rocks my world. If you would like, I happen to have one of her journals...and would like to send it to you. My family is getting ready to move to Ecuador and I need to cull my books. I warn you...the journal is a bit meloncholy, but is a fascinatiing insight into Lucy's life. email me if you would like it.

Anna said...

Just letting you all know that I will be purchasing this book this week and my personal opinion of this book will be up within the next week.

Don't get too excited and please don't bite your nails down to nubs in the process! ;)


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