Thursday, February 21, 2008

Got Track Marks...

I have an addiction. Some of you may have heard of this addiction in the past, many of you though have blithely talked with me daily, read my nonsense and known me for years without having realized my dark story. This is the darkest time of year for me and this problem of mine. I knew it had come when I was running, yes running, through the commissary on Tuesday morning. I looked across over the freezer chests and I heard an involuntary sharp intake of my own breath! There! My eyes grew large, my palms grew sweaty. I suddenly realized that there was something over there that I needed to pick up. The cart, the kids and I went running quickly over and I slipped a hand out and picked up the small package and dumped it in on top of my full cart. We headed out.

While unpacking groceries I got to it... and tossed it on the counter, I didn't have time to indulge my addiction quite yet. When I did, I ripped open the package with my teeth and grabbed a few, waiting for the satisfaction to hit. It... didn't... quite... happen! What?! I grabbed the bag and read it quickly. Blast. These are DARK chocolate Cadbury Mini-Eggs, not MILK chocolate Cadbury mini-eggs. I quietly let out a brief sigh. Drat. I ate more anyways. Not quite the same...
The problem is that I do have an addiction to these. I only allow myself two bags a year. In years past however, with only two bags, I have had massive addiction headaches ensue after I finished my two bags. Sad? Um. Yes. Do I still allow myself two bags? Yes.

This one didn't count.

I am not the only one with this sad addiction there are others.

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Shannon said...

I can so relate! I am addicted to the large size ones. I eat them in secret--shove the whole thing in my mouth before someone notices that I have one. Seriously sad. At least it's only February through March that I behave this way! BTW, found your blog from homeschool lounge. We're an army family.



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