Friday, February 22, 2008

I am thinking of something

I was giving my little girl a bath tonight when without prompting she started to play a game with me as I scrubbed her head.

Girl- "I am thinking of something that is black and white."
Me- "And red all over?"
Girl- "nooooooooo, I am thinking of something that is black and white and is an animal."
Me- "Really?"
Girl- "Yup."
Me- "Ok, is it a skunk?"
Girl- "Nope."
Me- "A Zebra?"
Girl- "No, it has claws."
Me- "Ah, claws. Um... a badger?"
Girl- "No."
Me- "Does it live around here?"
Girl- "No it doesn't."
Me- "um, where does it live?"
Girl- "In the forest."
Me-(to myself) "that didn't help me much!" (to her) "um."
Girl- "It climbs trees."
Me- "Racoon?"
Girl- "Nope."
Me- "Panda Bear?"
Girl- "Nope."
Me- "Is it a bear?"
Girl- "Nope, it lives far away, like, well... giraffes, and lions and tigers."
Me- "Is it a TIGER?!"

I think I screamed this last part, like I just won a million dollars! Her little face turned up towards me and with a big smile she responded, "YES!" I just laughed! How fun!

It takes me awhile lately to give the Girl her bath because she has been having issues with her scalp and I have to scrub this stuff onto her head, wait awhile, then rinse, then scrub the conditioner on her head, and let it sit, then rinse. We played this game the entire time. We went through tigers, to coral, to sea stars, to cats, to butterflies, to sea suns, to I can't even tell you them all. I was so impressed with the way she talked to me about all of these things and the way she gave me clues. She was truly a natural at this, and I am not biased at all. The thing that I suppose I enjoyed the most is that, for the first time with this little girl, she had invented a game, for me, and it actually challenged me. It took me a while to think about the clues she gave and to really think about the different animals that it could be. It wasn't something easy that I just acted as if it was hard, it was a true game. I consider this to be quite the moment for her, it was almost as if we just had a very different connecting moment. It reminded me of the first time we had a conversation that was more than, "Milk." "Say Please?" "Pease!!!" "Good job!" We just connected in a different way, and frankly it made the whole hair process much more fun for both of us.

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