Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Second Son

For more years than I can look back and count, I have wanted to sponsor a child from a developing country. When I was quite young, I asked my father about it and he asked me if I would always, every month, be able to pay that thirty-dollar amount. He discussed with me that this was a very big commitment, that once you sponsor a child, you have made a commitment to them until they are done with the program. I could not, at that age, commit to sponsor a child.

I remembered my father’s words for many years when I would see these pictures of children. I remembered them as I went through college and as I started my own family. I remembered them well as I struggled to keep quality food on our own table. Finally, this last year, I remembered them as my husband and I talked about sponsoring a child. We were ready. I looked over the website at Compassion International and peered into the eyes of hundreds of needy children. They all needed help, EVERY single one of them. I wanted to sponsor every last one of them. My momma heart wanted to scoop them all up and hold them close and smell their hair and sing sweet songs. I just looked over at John and told him that I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t chose just one! How could I know who needed us, who we needed? It was impossible for me, so I chose instead to press the button on the side that would link us up with a child in greatest need. A child, who had been waiting the longest, or for some other reason, was put into the greatest need category. I thought we would find out right then whom we had been paired with, but that was not the case. I was told that we would find out who we had been paired with in a week or two when our packet would arrive.

I anxiously waited. The day the packet came I honestly cried. Our relationship, our bond was born on that very day. We had a new child in our hearts. His name is Brayan, and he lives in Columbia. His birthday is the day after Christmas and falls right between my own two little ones birth years. He just turned 6 and mine just turned 7 and 5. The first letter we received from him was such an extreme delight! He had drawn us a picture and had inquired about us, his sponsors. My children loved the colored pencil drawing that Brayan had sent to us and they quickly pulled out their own crayons and paper to respond to Brayan. They drew pictures to send to this little boy and I wrote him a letter, and sent the money to cover a birthday gift for this precious little one.

Brayan’s picture is right on the front of our refrigerator and it will always have a place of great importance in our home. He is the child that we love, that we hold in our prayers that someone else gets to hold and sing songs to.

The drawing at the top of this post is the one that Brayan sent to us. I imagine that this is a drawing of the mountains of Columbia and that the building with the cross on it and the rainbow above is the center that he now attends because of his being in the Compassion program.

When you are able, please consider sponsoring a child like Brayan. On the side bar of my blog is a link to Compassion International, you just may want to check it out.


compassion dave said...

Brayan has a future and a hope--praise be to God.


applesofgold said...

I have considered this commitment as well...thanks for the link, I don't know how I could possibly choose just one child! I'd need at least a dozen or two just to feel like I was making a difference at all. But then I think about that story about the little girl on the beach that was throwing all the starfish back into the does make a big difference to the one.

Anonymous said...

Proud of your family little one. When I see you doing things that I have believed in it brings me great joy. Thank you for taking in a new member of your family that you could have put only in that part of your mind left to acquaintances. God bless dad.


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