Monday, February 11, 2008

Staying Four

My little girl was in complete outright tears tonight. She was tired and cold from taking a bath and was ready to get her teeth brushed when she announced that she wanted to be a grown up. This is a common request from my little curly headed one. I replied, "Well, you need to enjoy being where you are. You will only be four until tomorrow morning; you will only be five for one year. You will never be four again, and you will never be five again except this one year. Enjoy where you are!"

This came from me, someone who never wanted to be any older than six. I wanted to be six forever... I loved the whole Peter Pan mentality and the Never Growing upness of Neverland.

My daughter looked horrified and burst into tears. Amidst the blubbering I made out the words, "want to be four... always... don't ... want... birthday..."

My little girl will be five tomorrow. At 7:44pm tonight, she wanted to be grown up, at 7:46pm tonight, she wanted to be four for the rest of her life. I scooped her up and carried her in to see her daddy who was reading on the bed. I briefly explained why the little one was so distraught and he snuggled her down with him with a smile at me.

We said all we could as parents of an almost five year old and we hugged and kissed the little one and carried her off to bed. She cried a bit more as I prayed with her and talked with her.

She is four only for tonight... tomorrow old age beckons.


Anonymous said...

Don't we wish they could all stay 4 forever?

My 6 year old reminded me on Sunday that now she is "of age" she can do all of the things that a 6 year old gets to chew gum. I had been telling her since she was 3 that she couldn't chew gum until she was 6. Someone at church gave her a piece of of course she had to remind me that she is now "allowed." First step-chewing gum, next step-driver's license. Yep. I'm wishing mine would be staying 4 as well.

Hugs, and Happy Birthday little jewel of a girl.


brian said...

I find my own emotions lately to have a disturbing correspondance to those of the child described in this post.

brian said...

Yes, I now realize that 'correspondance' [sic] should be spelled 'correspondence'...


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