Friday, February 1, 2008

throwing a pity party

So, I am sick and not feeling like writing but figured I would post that I was sick. I have sorta flu like symptoms but not sure if I actually have the flu. The Girl actually shared her loverly sickness with me. Wasn't that sweet?

So, I am coughing like crazy and am achy and snotty and miserable.

We have 9 good inches of snow on top of this, and it is good packing snow. I am quite perturbed that I can't really be out in the snow playing with the kids cause if I spend more than five minutes out there I end up needing to use my inhaler. I am not sure if I can manage to sound more pathetic. I would love to take them sledding, or to take advantage of the good snow to make a neat little snow house. It is not to be, even though this is the best snow we have had since we moved here.

I did have to go out earlier today cause my Spazador decided that it would be fun to escape the yard by slipping under the shed. Now, I will admit that I had looked at this possibility and had decided that she simply couldn't fit under the shed. She is a lab, not a little thing... she is huge and bouncy, and apparently can fit in places you wouldn't think she could fit into. So, I had some fun of getting her back in the yard, all the while wearing my oh, so cool bumble bee boots.

And this is me... throwing myself a pity party!

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Anonymous said...

Just checking in... sorry to hear about the cold... and the little miss' dispair at turning 5... I'm sure the distress didn't last much past the pre-party preparations:) Btw, laughed out loud at the boots!! Thanks for the giggle!



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