Monday, March 31, 2008


The other day, as I was working with my son on sweeping the kitchen floor, he suddenly turned to me and asked, "Why don't grown ups laugh very much?" I had him clarify, asking him if he meant compared to kids like him, and he agreed. I remember all the times recently where he and his friend and his sister have been laughing about the simplest things in the back seat of the car. How they can come up with the most simple and yet funniest things. Things like the lyrics they made up. Very simple. Just the words, "Sit Down." Can't you see how that is so funny!!!

I explained that some grownups appear to think that when you grow up you can't laugh as much. They think that people will think they are foolish and not serious enough about life.

I asked him if he thought I laughed more than most grownups and he agreed, but still hesitantly. I knew what he meant... when was the last time momma joined in laughing hysterically at words as simple as, "Sit Down!" I didn't laugh at all of it like those goofy kids did. I giggled a bit at them and all the silliness of it, but I didn't get the same kick out of it that they did. I actually tried to get them all to settle down and be quiet so I could hear myself think. I was being a grown up.

I did give The Boy the standard discussion for how laughing is so good for you and that it actually helps you get better from being sick, blah, blah, blah. It all sounded hollow to me. I don't laugh as much as a child. I know the evils of this world and my laughter has been tempered by seriousness and fear.

Sometimes after being faced with all the knowledge of the "grown-up" world, it is so hard to laugh. So hard to find things as funny as children do.

I just want to laugh like a child.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Geography Game

I was introduced to this geography game on one of the websites I visit and I have had such fun playing it that I decided to share it here. It is challenging and fun and I can say that I have learned from it. There have been some places that I didn't know existed and I have looked them up and learned quite a bit.

I do wish the map was bigger and I wish that I was better at it. I have reached level 10, but I do not consistently reach level 10. I do not know anyone who has reached level 12, so if you do, please let me know! I would be so excited for you!

Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Socks in a Box, Socks on a Fox

So, I was putting socks on The Girl this morning and first it was, "They are too soft."
I continued regardless cause we had to take Daddy to work. Next she says, "I am allergic to socks."

I couldn't help it, I laughed out loud. I just had to brighten your morning cause I think I may be allergic to socks.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I Bought Before Green Gables

This is my somewhat pathetic teaser, though still not as pathetic as most news stations teasers.

So, yesterday I went out and purchased Before Green Gables. You may remember that I blogged about it in the past.

So far, I have only read the first three chapters and I have been pleased. No... it is not Montgomery, Wilson has a very different voice. The problem is that I am actually liking the book so far. This didn't only surprise me, it shocked me.

I am not sure if this sentiment will continue or not, but only time will tell.

I do read very quickly, but this being Easter weekend, I am not sure when I will have time to finish the book and also compose my thoughts on the whole thing.

Look for the post in the semi-near future...

I Got a Promotion!

A few years back I received a piece of mail from someone that was addressed to Colonel Anna Lastname. I thought it was so funny at the time. My husband isn't even on that side of the fence in the Air Force and somehow I am a Colonel?!

Today, I went out to the mailbox to get the mail to find a piece of mail for me, Colonel Anna Lastname, and this mail is from Armed Forces Insurance... I laughed all the way back from the mailbox. Maybe I should call them up and demand back pay for all the time I have served. I should ask them why I am being mistreated as a woman? Why am I stuck against this glass ceiling at home teaching two kids? I could be in that great sandbox and could really turn things around I tell ya! I could teach everyone of those Airman what a noun is for goodness sakes! ;)

I am now commanding my troops to stop sucking on their lollipops and to get in here and learn about the Babylonians! See! I am already commanding my troops around that great sandbox!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Um... last funny kid post for a bit? I promise?

So, today The Girl was being cranky and whinging about the house and being... well... a touch on the female side! The Boy came in to me and said, "She is being like a Step-Mother!"

I laughed and just looked at him with glee. Can we say Disney saturation?

While I am on the subject, shall I ask why my daughter ALWAYS pretends that she is an orphan? She will show up in my kitchen pretending and say, "Hi, my family is all gone. Can I be part of your family now?"

I think this is somehow related to the Disney thing. I also ALWAYS have to pretend to be the mean lady. You know, like Ariel's Sea Witch, or Cinderella's step mother, or the mean queen in snow white or the evil fairy in Sleeping Beauty. She gets really bothered when I do too good of a job though. I have to tune down my "amazing" acting skills. Once in a while, I get to be Cinderella while she is a little orphan girl that Cinderella ends up adopting, I need to add that she gets very upset when I break character at all. She will stay in character for hours sometimes.

I wonder what Disney is really doing long term to my kids.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Funny Kid Post

So, the other day I was at the base thrift shop and found a twin size duvet and pillow sham that matched the overall color scheme of The Girl's room. It was only $6 and so I bought it with the intent of making a neat roman shade out of it for her bedroom. I got it home and spread it out in her room to hold it up and see how much I would need to change, to make it a shade. She saw it and immediately wanted to "snuggle" it. This is why her nickname is snuggle bug, but she is often called just Bug. I let her snuggle it but told her that it would be made into a curtain for her room. She was dismayed! She wanted this as another blanket for her bed. Now... she has a perfectly nice quilt on her bed. She also has a nice fuzzy yellow throw on her bed and she has a small quilt from my grandmother.

I told her that she couldn't snuggle with it anymore until I washed it. She insisted that I wash it right away and I told her that I would take it right down and put it in the washer. I did just that... and she was pleased.

She snuggled it today... and she wanted it on her bed at bedtime. I was doing her bedtime prayers with her and I let her know that the duvet would be turned into a pretty curtain!

"Won't that be so nice?!"

"No, I want a different curtain."

So, I prayed and then she prays, "God, please make momma not turn my blanket into a curtain, please let her let me have it as a blanket on my bed."

She continued on and I laid there trying not to giggle. Now what do I do?! I may have lost the perfect material for a super cute curtain!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Quick Funny Kid Post

I am going to start doing these silly little posts. They will be fast and they will just be funny things my kids say that I don't want to forget.

This one was my son. He hates handwriting, but his handwriting is really VERY good. So, his assignment for copy work today was writing his address and he was just starting it when to encourage him I told him that one of the other moms at Co-op yesterday had commented on how nice his handwriting was.

His comment was absolutely priceless and the funny part was that he was DEAD serious.

"Did they put it on the news?"

I stifled a giggle fast and said, "Well, no, but they should!"

Monday, March 10, 2008

Winter is leaving... I hope and pray.

This has been my best friend through the winter. He lives in my front yard.

Winter has been long and quite depressing. It has been easily the hardest winter for me to endure since we lived in Washington State. We had lots of snow and lots of cold, bitter days. The sun did not want to shine on me and I would have stood on my head all day if only it would have. I longed to feel the sun beat on my skin until it made me blister. On those few occasions that the sun would shine down on us, I would stand in my window and close my eyes and close my hands around a hot mug of coffee and just imagine I was standing in my yard in July.

We have had a couple of teasing days. Days when it would be 72F on Sunday and then we would have 6 inches of snow on Tuesday. Days when we would all be out roller blading, and then bundling up for winter again, just like a slap when expecting a kiss.

I have promised the kids that we would be at the zoo at the first sign of decent weather. The zoo here is one of the top in the nation, and it is also free. We merrily trot off to the zoo as often as we can. There are a few exhibits that my children could stand and watch for hours upon hours. They have been begging me to go for weeks. On Friday, I checked our weather forecast and I saw pleasant weather coming and I made my plan. Tuesday was Zoo day. Tuesday was my get out of jail free day!

Tomorrow the kids and I will go and we will wear our coats and we will take our gloves, but we will walk and run and relish in the first true signs of the coming spring.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Do it Yourself Coffee Filters!

So this morning I had a weird thought as I carefully snipped around the edge of a napkin. I was standing at the counter with a pair of scissors cutting a napkin into a nice circle. This wasn't part of a craft, this was me having issues with memory once again.

This was the third day in a row that I have made my own coffee filter. You know that you can buy them in a store for a nominal amount really, but well, ya know that just wasn't challenging enough for me. I enjoy working for my morning addiction. Honest. I had tried using my super absorbent paper towels, but they just didn't let enough of that coffee goodness seep through into my pot. So, this left me standing at my counter in the kitchen working on this fine art. I tried just cutting a square to fit in the spot reserved for a filter, but it looked like it would be constantly falling into the way of the water. Eh, perhaps if I cut it in the shape of a circle it would work that much better. The store bought ones are in the shape of a circle, why reinvent the wheel?

Maybe today I will remember to pick up coffee filters, or maybe I will continue to ply my craft. You know I could make coffee filters out of washable fabric! That may be just the thing.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


My yard is a mud pit.

In December, construction guys started working on my yard. We live in military housing and so they decided to do some work and they didn't really ask my opinion. Frankly, they wouldn't have liked my opinion if they had asked me.

They poured new concrete and they put in a fence that made my yard a postage stamp. They put a roof on my patio and they dropped in a weird shed. All of this meant lots of heavy equipment running through my yard and it is winter, so even though the sweet guys spread grass seed, nothing was going to grow for months. Essentially, my yard is a mud hole, all I need is a couple of female wrestlers.

My children decided to fulfill that role today. The Boy was actually in the yard outside the fence playing baseball. The Girl had come inside and was playing with her My Little Ponies. Next thing I knew The Boy was in the mud and the girl wanted to participate. I made her change into grungy clothes and put her out there with the stipulation not to throw the mud all over everything and not to lay down in the mud. I gave them a board to make mud pies on.

They made mud pies and cookies, and squished lots of toes in the mud. They threw mud balls around though they did do a pretty good job of keeping these thrown into the mud itself.

They had a great time but I had forgotten what feeding kids in warm weather is like! I can see my grocery bill climbing. They played outside nearly all day, and it was a well-earned warm day for them. Today it was 72F; Tuesday we should have snow. Anymore snow this year and I may turn into a snowman myself!

I have such great memories from playing in the mud as a child. Making mud pies, and mud houses for miniature people. Just squishing it between my toes, so cold, so gooey. There is something soothing about the mud for me. Frankly there is something soothing about dirt to me. I have no idea why this is, but I love digging in the dirt and I can't wait until I can start really planting and having a good excuse to dig in the dirt this year.

I hope we made memories today.


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