Friday, March 7, 2008

Do it Yourself Coffee Filters!

So this morning I had a weird thought as I carefully snipped around the edge of a napkin. I was standing at the counter with a pair of scissors cutting a napkin into a nice circle. This wasn't part of a craft, this was me having issues with memory once again.

This was the third day in a row that I have made my own coffee filter. You know that you can buy them in a store for a nominal amount really, but well, ya know that just wasn't challenging enough for me. I enjoy working for my morning addiction. Honest. I had tried using my super absorbent paper towels, but they just didn't let enough of that coffee goodness seep through into my pot. So, this left me standing at my counter in the kitchen working on this fine art. I tried just cutting a square to fit in the spot reserved for a filter, but it looked like it would be constantly falling into the way of the water. Eh, perhaps if I cut it in the shape of a circle it would work that much better. The store bought ones are in the shape of a circle, why reinvent the wheel?

Maybe today I will remember to pick up coffee filters, or maybe I will continue to ply my craft. You know I could make coffee filters out of washable fabric! That may be just the thing.


applesofgold said...

Oh the hoops we jump through just for our morning addiction! I've been there... used papertowels, napkins...I thought of using a sock once, but couldn't get past the thought that someone's foot had sat in it. You know, I thought you live near a grocery store?!?!?!??


Rebecca Edwards said...

Laughing... oh Ryan will love this one, Anna!:)

susan said...

Now that our coffee maker has died, we're using a french press. I love the coffee, but those things are so hard to clean out! Does anyone mknow a good way to remove the coffee paste without making a huge mess?

Anna said...

To satisfy my own curiosity I looked up this article but it wasn't specific on not making a huge mess.

I can't say that I have many tips beyond that article! I know that the biggest complaint about them is that the French press is a mess to clean up. Glad that the press is coming in handy though!

Anonymous said...

Hmm I love my french press! Anna, you got it for me when I first started going to SRU! Its really a starbucks coffee mug/french press and its not hard really hard to clean! Saddly, it only makes one cup at a time. I still LOVE it (and i love you too! lol)!


Ps...I should really get a for myself on here.


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