Saturday, March 15, 2008

Funny Kid Post

So, the other day I was at the base thrift shop and found a twin size duvet and pillow sham that matched the overall color scheme of The Girl's room. It was only $6 and so I bought it with the intent of making a neat roman shade out of it for her bedroom. I got it home and spread it out in her room to hold it up and see how much I would need to change, to make it a shade. She saw it and immediately wanted to "snuggle" it. This is why her nickname is snuggle bug, but she is often called just Bug. I let her snuggle it but told her that it would be made into a curtain for her room. She was dismayed! She wanted this as another blanket for her bed. Now... she has a perfectly nice quilt on her bed. She also has a nice fuzzy yellow throw on her bed and she has a small quilt from my grandmother.

I told her that she couldn't snuggle with it anymore until I washed it. She insisted that I wash it right away and I told her that I would take it right down and put it in the washer. I did just that... and she was pleased.

She snuggled it today... and she wanted it on her bed at bedtime. I was doing her bedtime prayers with her and I let her know that the duvet would be turned into a pretty curtain!

"Won't that be so nice?!"

"No, I want a different curtain."

So, I prayed and then she prays, "God, please make momma not turn my blanket into a curtain, please let her let me have it as a blanket on my bed."

She continued on and I laid there trying not to giggle. Now what do I do?! I may have lost the perfect material for a super cute curtain!


Anonymous said...

She sounds like she is related to one of her Aunts who still has her strawberry shortcake comforter. :)

FHL said...

Sounds like you may have to settle for a valence made from the pillow sham! Too funny....


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