Monday, March 31, 2008


The other day, as I was working with my son on sweeping the kitchen floor, he suddenly turned to me and asked, "Why don't grown ups laugh very much?" I had him clarify, asking him if he meant compared to kids like him, and he agreed. I remember all the times recently where he and his friend and his sister have been laughing about the simplest things in the back seat of the car. How they can come up with the most simple and yet funniest things. Things like the lyrics they made up. Very simple. Just the words, "Sit Down." Can't you see how that is so funny!!!

I explained that some grownups appear to think that when you grow up you can't laugh as much. They think that people will think they are foolish and not serious enough about life.

I asked him if he thought I laughed more than most grownups and he agreed, but still hesitantly. I knew what he meant... when was the last time momma joined in laughing hysterically at words as simple as, "Sit Down!" I didn't laugh at all of it like those goofy kids did. I giggled a bit at them and all the silliness of it, but I didn't get the same kick out of it that they did. I actually tried to get them all to settle down and be quiet so I could hear myself think. I was being a grown up.

I did give The Boy the standard discussion for how laughing is so good for you and that it actually helps you get better from being sick, blah, blah, blah. It all sounded hollow to me. I don't laugh as much as a child. I know the evils of this world and my laughter has been tempered by seriousness and fear.

Sometimes after being faced with all the knowledge of the "grown-up" world, it is so hard to laugh. So hard to find things as funny as children do.

I just want to laugh like a child.

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susan said...

My funnest (if that's a word) times with the kids I work with are when we are spontaneously laughing at the silliest things, out of control, can't stop laughing. I found that if they can laugh with you, they can work with you. Even stubborn teenagers.


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