Sunday, March 2, 2008


My yard is a mud pit.

In December, construction guys started working on my yard. We live in military housing and so they decided to do some work and they didn't really ask my opinion. Frankly, they wouldn't have liked my opinion if they had asked me.

They poured new concrete and they put in a fence that made my yard a postage stamp. They put a roof on my patio and they dropped in a weird shed. All of this meant lots of heavy equipment running through my yard and it is winter, so even though the sweet guys spread grass seed, nothing was going to grow for months. Essentially, my yard is a mud hole, all I need is a couple of female wrestlers.

My children decided to fulfill that role today. The Boy was actually in the yard outside the fence playing baseball. The Girl had come inside and was playing with her My Little Ponies. Next thing I knew The Boy was in the mud and the girl wanted to participate. I made her change into grungy clothes and put her out there with the stipulation not to throw the mud all over everything and not to lay down in the mud. I gave them a board to make mud pies on.

They made mud pies and cookies, and squished lots of toes in the mud. They threw mud balls around though they did do a pretty good job of keeping these thrown into the mud itself.

They had a great time but I had forgotten what feeding kids in warm weather is like! I can see my grocery bill climbing. They played outside nearly all day, and it was a well-earned warm day for them. Today it was 72F; Tuesday we should have snow. Anymore snow this year and I may turn into a snowman myself!

I have such great memories from playing in the mud as a child. Making mud pies, and mud houses for miniature people. Just squishing it between my toes, so cold, so gooey. There is something soothing about the mud for me. Frankly there is something soothing about dirt to me. I have no idea why this is, but I love digging in the dirt and I can't wait until I can start really planting and having a good excuse to dig in the dirt this year.

I hope we made memories today.

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Anonymous said...

My darling Anna, I don't know why but I started remembering the past after I read this blog, I guess that is something you do when you hit the age of somewhere past 50!!I can hear my mother say as clear as if it were today, OH that Anna has such a way with words, as you would sit on her lap and have one of your conversations with her, memories as more then precious. I too love to feel the warmth of mud squishing between my toes, even at my age!!!....Maybe one of these summers I will start to wear shoes a little more frequently. Keep up the good work, you are a remarkable mother to your little ones. I love you.


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