Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Um... last funny kid post for a bit? I promise?

So, today The Girl was being cranky and whinging about the house and being... well... a touch on the female side! The Boy came in to me and said, "She is being like a Step-Mother!"

I laughed and just looked at him with glee. Can we say Disney saturation?

While I am on the subject, shall I ask why my daughter ALWAYS pretends that she is an orphan? She will show up in my kitchen pretending and say, "Hi, my family is all gone. Can I be part of your family now?"

I think this is somehow related to the Disney thing. I also ALWAYS have to pretend to be the mean lady. You know, like Ariel's Sea Witch, or Cinderella's step mother, or the mean queen in snow white or the evil fairy in Sleeping Beauty. She gets really bothered when I do too good of a job though. I have to tune down my "amazing" acting skills. Once in a while, I get to be Cinderella while she is a little orphan girl that Cinderella ends up adopting, I need to add that she gets very upset when I break character at all. She will stay in character for hours sometimes.

I wonder what Disney is really doing long term to my kids.

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