Monday, March 10, 2008

Winter is leaving... I hope and pray.

This has been my best friend through the winter. He lives in my front yard.

Winter has been long and quite depressing. It has been easily the hardest winter for me to endure since we lived in Washington State. We had lots of snow and lots of cold, bitter days. The sun did not want to shine on me and I would have stood on my head all day if only it would have. I longed to feel the sun beat on my skin until it made me blister. On those few occasions that the sun would shine down on us, I would stand in my window and close my eyes and close my hands around a hot mug of coffee and just imagine I was standing in my yard in July.

We have had a couple of teasing days. Days when it would be 72F on Sunday and then we would have 6 inches of snow on Tuesday. Days when we would all be out roller blading, and then bundling up for winter again, just like a slap when expecting a kiss.

I have promised the kids that we would be at the zoo at the first sign of decent weather. The zoo here is one of the top in the nation, and it is also free. We merrily trot off to the zoo as often as we can. There are a few exhibits that my children could stand and watch for hours upon hours. They have been begging me to go for weeks. On Friday, I checked our weather forecast and I saw pleasant weather coming and I made my plan. Tuesday was Zoo day. Tuesday was my get out of jail free day!

Tomorrow the kids and I will go and we will wear our coats and we will take our gloves, but we will walk and run and relish in the first true signs of the coming spring.


Anonymous said...

Oh my!!!!....I believe I recognize that scarf, it is one that we have been looking for. We were begining to wonder if that monster in the basement had something to do with the missing scarf. I saw a groundhog outside because of that sighting I am believing that spring is here.

applesofgold said...

Spring is coming!!!! We don't live in Narnia, where it is always winter and never Christmas! Spring will come, I promise!


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