Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Bane of Moms Across the World

This is what I just pulled out of my dryer. Which now I will need to completely rewash in order to not look like I had balled my children up and stuffed them in the luggage to get them anywhere.
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applesofgold said...

What I find a bit more distressing, is not the balled up laundry....but the fact that YOU actually took the time to take a picture of your mangled laundry. :D :D :D

Anna said...

I know. How sad is that?! I pulled it out and was so annoyed that I had to share my annoyance. hehe... It just wasn't the same without pictures!

FHL said...

Well you could always dip them in some dye and see what type of tye-dye pattern emerges :-)


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