Friday, April 25, 2008

From Florida with Love!

We are doing well here in the land of Sunshine. The kids have gotten slightly pink, even with me reapplying sunscreen often and they have had their ice cream at least once a day since arriving. My favorite is a Pineapple/Orange twist... fat free too!

We have discovered a few interesting things such as:

There is a Bald Eagle that sometimes fishes in the lake behind my grandparents house, he then takes the fish up to the roof of the condo across the way and eats it. We keep watching whenever we are over there but we haven't seen him yet.

The kids caught an interesting creature at the beach yesterday but we haven't identified it yet. We were told that it might be a trumpet fish? We haven't even looked that up yet.

We have found fossilized shark's teeth without even trying. You can just sit in your chair and use your feet and presto! Manasota beach was much fun yesterday.

Homeschool children seem to have very few prejudices, if not introduced to them by other children. They play easily with any and all children that they find, even some that would have been considered by others to be "different." I am proud of my kids... they didn't even think twice about it.

We are having a wonderful time here. We are taking a day off from the water as the pink shoulders of my daughter may need a break. We will probably visit the aquarium here instead. My kids love playing with the Rays and watching the Manatees have their lunch.

I will post pictures later... I haven't downloaded my pics onto their computer and don't want to do that without consulting them first.

Have a wonderful Friday!!! In fact, have some ice cream and think of me.


applesofgold said...

Newman's Own needs to make Ice Cream. Cookies and cream flavored....I would probably make Ice Cream it's own food group if Newman's made it :)

Glad you are having a great time! And finally getting warm! I miss seeing you on IM! :(

FHL said...

We may take you up on the ice cream idea ;)

Glad to hear you are all having a wonderful time!


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