Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tomorrow I take my Candy Land Map

We are heading to Florida and my kids are over the top excited, they cannot wait to get on the airplane and head on out to visit the grandparents and the beach.

They have been planning this and plotting this and discussing this and expounding on this. They have talked about swimming and they have talked about building things in the sand and they have talked about getting tan and they have pondered where they will sleep, but the most important thing they have discussed is Ice Cream. That is capitalized for a reason.

My husband's side of the family has a love for Ice Cream, the more the better, the more often the happier they all are. Some in the family get more into this than others but the worst one is probably the beloved grandfather. He really prefers to have Ice Cream at least once a day. He has favorites and he does seem to prefer it served to him while he is out. He loves Gelato and he enjoys sorbet, but in a pinch ANY form of ice cream will do.

This is what he has been teaching my young growing children. Ice Cream is essential. When we drove with them last year down to FL we stopped, oh... at least 3 times on the way specifically for Ice Cream. It is a two day drive. We spent two weeks with them in Florida and I think we had Ice Cream every day. I think I came back at least 10 lbs heavier.

The kids have discussed this in the car:

Girl: I told Grandpa that we needed to have Ice Cream everyday before we go to the beach cause it is so hot there, we need to have ice cream before we go.

Boy: No, that isn't right, we always have Ice Cream after the beach. That is what we have always done.

Girl: Oh, well that is fine too!

Me: Yes, that is right, we always get the Ice Cream after the beach (to myself: at least this way I don't gain weight before I put on the swim suit, it is after. I suppose that is better...maybe.)

When I mentioned this conversation to the grandparents, Grandma laughed and said that Grandpa was considering taking them before and after we went to the beach. WELL... that makes sense! I will also be packing my thigh master, and my exercise ball, and my running shoes, and oh, my exercise bands... what else? Oh, my swimsuit? I don't think it will fit in my luggage now. Drat.

Now, you may say that I should just not have ice cream every time we go, but I have problems with that. I have no problem simply not stopping for Ice Cream, but when you are there at a fruit orchard where they serve their own fruit flavored ice cream it is harder than hard to say, "No thank-you, I don't think I will have any today." I don't think I managed to do it once last year. The other problem is that their cones are HUGE. These are not small cones, they are very large soft serve sherbet type things that are just mammoth. You can't order small cause well, they don't have small. They don't know how to stop the machine before the cone reaches a height of eight inches. Honest.

So, tomorrow I head out to the land of Ice Cream. If something happens and I can't catch my air plane down, I will just grab my Candy Land board game. I bet the Grandparent's house is on there and that way I can easily find my way to King Ice Cream's House.


FHL said...

You know, my grandfather always took my brother and I for ice cream every day when we would visit & the memories it made are priceless. So enjoy every cone...besides, you'll work off the lbs. in a week chasing the kiddos around this summer :o)

applesofgold said...

How's the Ice Cream? Hope you are having a scoop for me too!

SHEAFmom said...

Some of my dad's happiest childhood memories are sitting on the couch with his dad sharing a pint of ice cream with 2 spoons.


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