Friday, April 4, 2008

What month is it?

On the Air Force Base, where we live, they have these teal colored metal ribbons on all the posts. I racked my brain trying to figure out what they were for. I finally remembered that it is "The Month of the Military Child," and assumed that must be what they were for. It puzzled me that they would put them up for The Military Child, as this wasn't really a cause to warrant the colored ribbon thing. We need to raise awareness of The Military Child? Is it a problem? I was confused, until I finally saw a sign that explained them. They are there to signify that it is, "Sexual Assault Awareness Month." This is something that apparently the military has some issues with.

Before I realized what the ribbons were about, I did puzzle over the fact that it could also be due to Autism Awareness Month, but figured that wasn't a big enough deal for the military to order all these metal ribbon signs made and then have them all bolted to the poles. I was right. I will say that as a mother it is something that you look for. You are told the signs. You know that it won't show up until at least 18 months of age. You look for and carefully scrutinize your children hoping that they will not be part of the growing number of children with Autism. There is tons of information on Autism, but they still really do not know the why and how of this disability. Much more research needs to be done to figure out what is going on with Autism.

I also know that this month is a big focus for environmentalists because of Earth Day, some people celebrate it as Earth Month, but that doesn't seem to be as widely recognized. They have a great map where you can look up events in your area to participate in. I will be checking out how I can take care of this great Earth God has given us.

It is also a month of Remembrance. It is Holocaust Remembrance Days. The actual days for this are April 27th - May 4th. To remember and to study so that we will not forget the oath, "Never Again."

I went ahead and looked up what else this month is about. This is the list that I found. I did not search forever and I am sure there are probably more official lists out there, but this list is quite extensive.

Now, this is where the post fizzles, because I cannot for the life of me think of a way to close this post. That is just sad, but there you go. A month of causes... check them out.

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applesofgold said...

I found it rather funny and poignant that April 1st (April Fools Day) is Alcohol Awareness Day.



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