Sunday, May 4, 2008

Alligator Alley

We took a boat ride in Florida at the Myakka State Park. We rode around the Myakka Lake which is known for it's alligators. They said that because we were there on such a warm afternoon that we probably wouldn't be seeing very many alligators. We probably saw at least twenty alligators in their very natural habitat.

You can tell how long an alligator is by measuring in inches from the tip of the nose to the eyes. This guy was big enough that I wasn't going for a swim anytime soon.

If you look at this picture you can see three alligators together. We were there during their mating season and so there were places on the lake that we didn't go because we didn't want to disturb them. They had hung out the "Do Not Disturb" Sign.

Only one person has reported a bite on this lake and there are people fishing and kayaking and canoeing there often. I did wonder how many alligators we would have seen on a cooler day.

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FHL said...

J and I are sitting here together enjoying your photos :o) Thanks for sharing them! They received a "cool" rating from J...although that's one adventure I'd rather see through your lens then in person ;)


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