Thursday, May 22, 2008

Missouri Botanical Gardens Chinese Culture Days

On Sunday we attended the Chinese Culture Days at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.
We had a wonderful time. They had quite a bit of typical Chinese things for sale, beautiful furniture and traditional clothing as well as art and wonderful Chinese food.

This is me being a little silly. The Azalea bush is hugging me. Honest.

See the sweet little Honey Bee? Look close... they are quickly dying off and if we don't figure out why soon, they will go the way of the Dodo bird. THEN what will you put on that
biscuit or in your tea?!

This is a traditional Chinese dragon. We got pretty close to it in a show they did where the dragons actually came out into the audience.

This is showing them both coming out into the audience there. The kids LOVED this.

Acrobats doing hat juggling.

This was part of the parade that went through the gardens. We sat and waited in the shade and once again were treated with this lovely dragon!

Another part of the parade... such nice costumes!

Some royalty? Not sure, but they looked important!

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FHL said...

I would have loved to been there for this one, looks wonderful!

I haven't really taken note this year, but is the bee population still struggling? Definitely not good. In WA we had quite a large garden and our squash really suffered from lack of pollination. Then our local honey stand, had practically no comb to sell (& the little he did have, we had missed out on), the poor man was very concerned about the future of his small scale retirement business. Last year we were able to find comb quite easily, so I was hoping that the population was on the rise, but never researched it. Hmmm...I think you may have created a science lesson for us Anna ;o)

brian said...

It is amazing how much you like like your daughter (other way around, actually!) in that first photo!


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