Sunday, May 4, 2008

Walk Quietly and Carry a Big Stick

Since coming home from Florida I have been looking back through my pictures and these are a few shots from a walk we took through a nature area. I love all oak trees and these hanging with Spanish Moss were just so romantic. My children on the other hand said that they were "spooky."

Grandpa always carries a large stick when we take a walk through this nature path. He carries it as protection from things like snakes and the kids think that carrying a stick when hiking is such fun. So they all carry sticks and then they will periodically throw them into the woods and when it makes a rustling noise they gasp, "Oh! What was that?!" My response? "OOOHHHHH It must be a rabid armadillo!!!"

Look at this branch it is perfect for a long tree swing!

This picture was taken looking straight up into the trees, the light filtered through so nicely!

Pictures are clickable!
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applesofgold said...

These pictures are absolutely breathtaking!!!!

FHL said...

I've always loved the hanging spanish moss...but I can see how easily it could seem spooky. Sounds like a wonderful outing with Grandpa!

Dutchy said...

Awesome and beautiful pictures!! :)


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