Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Off to VBS again... then home at 12:30 Lunch... rest... Gymnastics @ 2:45, Pick up John at 4:30... Eat fast... swim meet at 5:30... Baseball game at 6:45. Is summer over yet?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sense of Loss

Today I lost my wedding band. I have had this simple gold band for nearly ten years. In today's world that seems like a very long time, but yet... I certainly do not feel like I have been married FOREVER.

I never had an engagement ring for a couple of reasons. First of all we were in college and beyond poor and I was taking so many art classes where a diamond would really get in the way and I sorta liked the Jewish tradition where all couples come before God equal with only simple bands. Marriage is a covenant with each other, but above all with God and the simpleness of us all coming before God as equals really spoke to me. Perhaps even more so because I didn't want to wear a ring that every time I would look at it I would see a dollar value and not the love behind it.

John and I went out the week before our wedding and bought simple bands together. They were cheap. I think they were actually plated gold and not even solid. We really didn't and don't care.

John lost his ring once years ago out in a muddy field in Texas while he was away eating worms and bugs. I kid not. He didn't have a ring for a year or two and on our fifth wedding anniversary I bought John a new band. He hasn't lost it yet.

Today I lost my ring in our garden out at the farm. I was putting brown paper bags down and covering them with straw to prevent weeds. I am not sure if I lost it under the bags or on top of the bags, or just somewhere nearby. The straw is about the same color as my ring. I didn't bother to search... the rain started to fall and the search was already looking fairly futile.

I feel naked, but I am not distressed... perhaps because our love is much deeper than the rings even the sweet gold plated rings that were picked out ten years ago. My covenant still stands between God and between John.

Perhaps a golden tomato will grow this summer.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Recent Favorite Nature Shots

This is just a couple of nice nature pictures that I took recently. The top two are of a great white oak tree that is at the Zoo. It's limbs are so beautiful, almost sculptural. I have this thing for Oak trees and trees in general, so bear with me.

Doesn't it just make you want to hang a long swing?

This is a nice little picture of a Monarch butterfly at the insectarium in the zoo. The Girl also found a Monarch caterpillar while we were there and she picked it up, then she was corrected and then she dropped it. The caterpillar was rescued by a docent and taken to wherever they keep the caterpillars, which is evidently in a different place then the butterflies. The kids and I have discussed this and we decided that we have a new question to ask the docent when we go to the insectarium. "Where do you keep the caterpillars? Why do you keep them seperate from the butterflies? How do you keep them all seperate when the butterflies are bound to lay eggs that turn into caterpillars?" I am sure they want to run when they see me coming with my notebook of questions!

Click on pictures to enlarge.
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Penguins and Friends at the Zoo

Last week we went to the zoo and had to visit my children's favorite exhibit, the penguins. They have learned the names of the penguins and basically where they live. They have painted penguins and have colored coloring pages of penguins. We never go to the zoo without stopping by this penguin exhibit and honestly it is the best penguin exhibit I have ever seen.

~Humboldt Penguins~
These live slightly farther north (Peru and Chile) and so they are able to stay outside the building here in our temperate zone. They do not need to be quite as cold as their cousins that are inside the freezing building.

~Rockhopper Penguins~
We like their hair and we also like to say that they are rocking on the hops.

~Gentoo Penguin~
Gentoo's are The Boys absolute favorite. He loves imitating their call and he loves the fact that though they are not the largest, they are the fastest in the water.

We used to think the Puffins were boring and dull until the day we really stayed and watched the Puffins. We still do not know much about these guys, other than the fact that they live North while Penguins live in the south. We do know now though that they can REALLY interact with visitors and that they dive all the way down and jump up and almost run/flap all over the top of the water. You may be in the splash zone here.
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Monday, June 2, 2008

It is late and I should be sleeping...

Today I found that if I eat my pets I can live in my house,
with my family for:

How Long Could You Survive Trapped In Your Own Home?
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A little scary no?

Fishy Memories

Today the kids and I went fishing. I haven't been fishing in oh... about seventeen years. That is a long time in the world of trying to remember how to do all that stuff.

My plan is to take the kids fishing about once a week, although I have had requests to fish every morning.

Yesterday we found a few worms in the garden and so we put them in a small pitcher with some dirt and took them with us today. We wish we had taken more worms. The fish were biting on the worms like crazy! They were just little four inch bluegill, but the kids certainly didn't care. They each got the chance to pull in a fish and I unhooked the little guys and we released them. They enjoyed watching the fish swim quickly off to safety.

This whole process brought back so many memories of my father taking us kids out to fish. My dad would take all three of us girls to the lake or river side and he would bring four poles, one for each of us and one for him. He expected to actually fish, admidst preparing and baiting our lines (because worms are too much for little girls to stick on a hook), untangling our lines, unhooking our lines from the bottom and rushing us off to go potty. Then he also had other duties. He had to listen to us whine about it being hot... Or buggy... Or cold... Or rainy... Or boring... Or itchy... Then there was the dog. If we went out in a boat the wonderful dog would jump into the water as soon as we stopped the boat. Over the side Dewey would go! She was a good size black fur ball and would make a good splash, so as to scare all those pesky fish away. Then she would need pulled up over the side of the boat and THEN she would proceed to shake off the water all over three squealing girls. I am sure the fish were gone as soon as the dog jumped over the side, let alone the squealing girls bit, but he still helped us through the process of baiting and casting our lines. He put up with it all and I really don't remember him fishing much when we were with him.

I didn't fish today, but I certainly had fun watching my kids reel in their fish and releasing them. We only stayed an hour and that was perfect for them. Such memories came rushing back as I shooed them away from hooks and called out to be careful as they struggled to cast a line with a dangerous hook on the end of it.

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