Monday, June 2, 2008

Fishy Memories

Today the kids and I went fishing. I haven't been fishing in oh... about seventeen years. That is a long time in the world of trying to remember how to do all that stuff.

My plan is to take the kids fishing about once a week, although I have had requests to fish every morning.

Yesterday we found a few worms in the garden and so we put them in a small pitcher with some dirt and took them with us today. We wish we had taken more worms. The fish were biting on the worms like crazy! They were just little four inch bluegill, but the kids certainly didn't care. They each got the chance to pull in a fish and I unhooked the little guys and we released them. They enjoyed watching the fish swim quickly off to safety.

This whole process brought back so many memories of my father taking us kids out to fish. My dad would take all three of us girls to the lake or river side and he would bring four poles, one for each of us and one for him. He expected to actually fish, admidst preparing and baiting our lines (because worms are too much for little girls to stick on a hook), untangling our lines, unhooking our lines from the bottom and rushing us off to go potty. Then he also had other duties. He had to listen to us whine about it being hot... Or buggy... Or cold... Or rainy... Or boring... Or itchy... Then there was the dog. If we went out in a boat the wonderful dog would jump into the water as soon as we stopped the boat. Over the side Dewey would go! She was a good size black fur ball and would make a good splash, so as to scare all those pesky fish away. Then she would need pulled up over the side of the boat and THEN she would proceed to shake off the water all over three squealing girls. I am sure the fish were gone as soon as the dog jumped over the side, let alone the squealing girls bit, but he still helped us through the process of baiting and casting our lines. He put up with it all and I really don't remember him fishing much when we were with him.

I didn't fish today, but I certainly had fun watching my kids reel in their fish and releasing them. We only stayed an hour and that was perfect for them. Such memories came rushing back as I shooed them away from hooks and called out to be careful as they struggled to cast a line with a dangerous hook on the end of it.

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