Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Penguins and Friends at the Zoo

Last week we went to the zoo and had to visit my children's favorite exhibit, the penguins. They have learned the names of the penguins and basically where they live. They have painted penguins and have colored coloring pages of penguins. We never go to the zoo without stopping by this penguin exhibit and honestly it is the best penguin exhibit I have ever seen.

~Humboldt Penguins~
These live slightly farther north (Peru and Chile) and so they are able to stay outside the building here in our temperate zone. They do not need to be quite as cold as their cousins that are inside the freezing building.

~Rockhopper Penguins~
We like their hair and we also like to say that they are rocking on the hops.

~Gentoo Penguin~
Gentoo's are The Boys absolute favorite. He loves imitating their call and he loves the fact that though they are not the largest, they are the fastest in the water.

We used to think the Puffins were boring and dull until the day we really stayed and watched the Puffins. We still do not know much about these guys, other than the fact that they live North while Penguins live in the south. We do know now though that they can REALLY interact with visitors and that they dive all the way down and jump up and almost run/flap all over the top of the water. You may be in the splash zone here.
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