Thursday, July 31, 2008

What studying for the Bar does to a normal person

I had inspiration from my lovely family to do this post. Although they posted an older picture of the beloved Uncle of my kids, this one is more recent and frankly more showing of the complex personality that inhabits this lovely law student. ;)

Good Luck on the BAR!!!!!
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

"What about the rest of us"

Last night I had this strange dream. I dreamed that our family was in Europe, in an older hotel. It looked like we were somewhere in Greece. The four of us were on a medium to large size balcony hanging on the side about 2-3 stories up on a coral colored plaster covered building. I was carrying the Girl and she and I went inside, which was a fairly wide hallway with other people in it, not crowded, but it was occupied. It curved to the right after about 15 ft. The Boy and John stayed on the balcony.

Suddenly a strong earthquake hit and I dropped to the floor in a corner with The Girl. I wrapped myself around her and started praying as the building shook around us. I prayed loudly for the safety of my family. I only prayed for my family though. For the four of us. Quite loudly. You could easily say that I was screaming. I was scared particularly for my boys and I can still feel that fear. After I finished my prayer, while the building was still shaking, a voice cried out, "What about the rest of us?"

I prayed again, including the others in my extremely loud prayer. The quake stopped and I immediately got up and checked on my boys and they were safe.

That is where my dream ended.

I remember so few dreams and it strikes me that this is a dream that I remember. In color. Extremely vividly.

Sculpture and Art

We were discussing ways in which we humans were made in the image of God once in our Bible Study group. I noted that we love to create. Now, obviously we do not create in quite the same way God has, but we do create in our own way. I love doing pictures of God's creation. These are some of those.

First we have here a naughty little grasshopper sitting on a little grape tomato on my vines. Yes, the tomato and the hopper are really that small. He is just the neatest little thing, never mind that awesome tomato that will ripen soon and tomatoes really have to be one of the yummiest things that God created. Of course in a perfect world there would be only garden grown tomatoes because the ones bought in the store are really pathetic, but for months of the year I deal with those pathetic tomatoes, then in summer I rejoice mightily as I eat mine from the garden! Yes, I am passionate about home grown tomatoes... amazing things they are (that last part was obviously said by Yoda, not me, I would never write that way).

You know that sunflower decor was all the rage, oh, back in the early 90s and that was all fine and flowery but the fact is that these are some of the coolest flowers ever. Look at how scuptural they are! The rows of seeds... the way the flower will slowly open and ripen into this beauty to behold. The way the huge head on this flower tracks the sun and turns as it follows the heat and light across the sky, everyday. The way the birds will actually perch on the head of the flower and eat the seeds out of it. Bright color, sculptural design, food of the birds, who could ask for anything more.

I love taking time to look, really look at things around me. Probably cause I am a bit lazy and dreamy and I get distracted easier then a june bug in June, but take a look... take a walk... relax and dream and look at the awesome creation. It really does calm my spirit. If you are stressed go de-stress and dream. If you have a little one teach them how to do this as well, it will save you from many therapy bills.

There. I did my nature sermon for the day. Dismissed.
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Hopes for Many Happy Years......

...with our sweet rabbit are not to be.

Hoppers has passed on.

Last night when we came home from having our Sunday Sundaes I found Hoppers sitting in a rather smelly puddle. I cleaned her and her cage, but I was very worried about her. Rabbits are very low on the food chain and when they finally show that they are sick, often times they have been sick for a while. If it had been during the week, I would have taken her to the vet, but on a Sunday night that doesn't work so well.

I took her outside and cleaned her and her cage right up. I put fresh hay in her cage and she settled down on it. She was very still... not nearly as hoppy as usual. I could tell there was something wrong, but there wasn't much I could do. Usually Hoppers cage is in the laundry room. I decided to keep her in the kitchen so I could keep an eye on her. In the morning she was more still then any sweet rabbit should ever be.

We are burying Hoppers under the Oak Tree that we planted in the spring.

The children are dealing with so many emotions on this. This is the closest death has ever hit them and they are devastated... each in their own way. I will admit freely that I have shed many tears over this bunny myself. We have such wonderful memories of this baby.

The Girl is in wailing mode and really doesn't understand things like why Hoppers needs to be buried and not just keep Hoppers the way she is in our home.

The Boy is very sad, and though he has cried, he is not the wailing type. He is more the type to internalize everything. I am sure I will feel and see the effects of this in the week or more to come though.

We did discuss where Hoppers is now. I know that the Bible doesn't really tell us what happens to our pets. I was always taught that they simply are no more because they do not have spirits. I do feel though that we have an awesome and loving and caring God and that he understands and knows and FEELS what is going on. I could believe that he makes special allowances for animals that have held such special places in our hearts.

Perhaps Hoppers is sitting on God's lap right now, reaching up and giving Him the sweet whisker kisses we have been blessed with for the last five years. I can neither confirm or deny this, but in my very human state, I really like the way it sounds to me.

You will be missed Hoppers.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Military Brat

I came across this interesting film made about Military Brats.

I know that at least a couple of Military Brats check this blog and many check that have Military Brats of their own... including me.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meet Chester

The other day we were out at the farm that we participate in. We do organic gardening there and have hatched ducklings and have done all sorts of things. My kids LOVE it there. That said... I was messing around taking pictures of some horses through a fence with my kids, when suddenly this guy shows up and this is how close he was.

"Why... um... hello there!" The kids and I kept backing up. We hadn't met this horse, actually I think he has only been on the farm for maybe a month. He was VERY outgoing.

"You want a drink? From the water bottle in my backpack you say? Well... I don't know, you know us people we carry some weird germs sometimes..."

"Really, sweet guy, I think it would be better if you got a drink from the large pool thing over there in the pasture. Much more to your liking I think."

"Nope, I don't think you can drink from a water bottle and nope, I don't want to see you try."

"Yes, you are taller then me, but that doesn't mean that you can take our water. You have your own."

This is when he wanted to smell me. I could tell. He kept getting closer...

And closer...

Finally, I had to push him back a bit. He looks apologetic. I feel bad... I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!!!

That was all the encouragement he needed! YIKES! I have horse snot on my lens!

Oh, he got distracted... a zucchini you say?!

Well! Forget the camera, there is a zucchini to check out!

I thought you should see all of this big guy. He is beautiful! (and attention getting).

I never knew that horses liked zucchini so much.

"What? At least I am not eating your water bottle or camera. Move along people, nothing to see here... just a horse eating a zucchini. "

YUM! He didn't even give me a chance to make some good bread out of it. Ah well...

I think he got offended. Anyways, this is our parting picture of Chester. Sweet Chester!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Fourth

Every year we travel to The Farm for the Fourth of July. We do a large potluck dinner with family and friends and we set off fireworks and have general merriment. The last two years we have left the farm at dark to race across town to sit on the edge of a golf course and watch fireworks. Afterwards we let 12 kids run around a yard trying to accidentally burn each other with sparklers. It is quite the sight. Since I do not post pictures of my kids on this blog you will have to visit my private blog to view many of those and those will be posted later today. For now, this is the farm from the front view and shows everyone shooting off bottle rockets and other day time fireworks from the front yard.

The following pictures are taken from the side yard facing towards the road. Generally these these pictures are of many children that my wonderful dear husband was trying to corral so that he could prevent burns from happening. No burns and no major issues. Have I told you that he is my hero?

This is the view of the field across the yard just a bit before sunset. The cows across the way there do not see to be bothered by all of the artillery falling down on their field. Poor cows.

I hope you all had an awesome Fourth! Check my other blog later for kid pictures.

***So, I didn't get it posted last night on my other blog, but I did do the dishes, so it is a trade. Too bad you all can't enjoy the clean sink.***
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Posting Something Like a Rabbit

This is The Boy's rabbit. She is named Hoppers and she is now just over 5 years old. The Boy actually named her Hop-Hop when he was given her at the age of two. I can make one recommendation... if you expect a two year old to remotely understand animal care or ownership and all of that you are insane... like me. The Boy now though is old enough that he loves his bunny and is very proud of her. He does not always remember to feed her, but he does feed her when reminded to do so and he never complains about doing so at all.

I love it when rabbits clean themselves and I wish her eye balls didn't look funny in the above picture.

She likes hiding under the fort in the back yard, she must feel safer there.

We let her hop around the small fenced in yard supervised only. We have found the hard way that she must be closely supervised by an adult outside, not just a couple of kids... she got out one day. What was funny though is that we found her quickly and when she heard the sound of my voice she came hopping towards me as fast as possible. The Boy calls her his, but the rabbit and I know better.

I have heard conflicting reports as far as how long sweet bunnies like this live, I continue to hope that this sweet fuzz ball is with us for many, many years.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Have Been Absent <------- (statement of the obvious)

So, we were on vacation to visit family and friends and help with another Vacation Bible School last week, we came back here on Sunday only to turn around today and return to our friends and family for a Fourth of July celebration. While we were home we ran around to Gymnastics and a Swim Meet and a Swim practice. Now, I am frantically setting up the cat and the rabbit for us to be gone, making sure we have another substitute teacher for our class at church that we teach and getting everything we need to make a vacation work with the three kids that go with us... that includes the fuzz ball kid named Liberty.

I hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July!!! We will be celebrating with friends and family and we are trusting that you all are doing the same.

I promise pictures when I return... I have tons stored up from the last couple of weeks and will get some posted on this blog possibly, but for sure on the family blog.

Much love and happiness to you and yours until I return to blog land!!!

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