Monday, July 14, 2008

The Fourth

Every year we travel to The Farm for the Fourth of July. We do a large potluck dinner with family and friends and we set off fireworks and have general merriment. The last two years we have left the farm at dark to race across town to sit on the edge of a golf course and watch fireworks. Afterwards we let 12 kids run around a yard trying to accidentally burn each other with sparklers. It is quite the sight. Since I do not post pictures of my kids on this blog you will have to visit my private blog to view many of those and those will be posted later today. For now, this is the farm from the front view and shows everyone shooting off bottle rockets and other day time fireworks from the front yard.

The following pictures are taken from the side yard facing towards the road. Generally these these pictures are of many children that my wonderful dear husband was trying to corral so that he could prevent burns from happening. No burns and no major issues. Have I told you that he is my hero?

This is the view of the field across the yard just a bit before sunset. The cows across the way there do not see to be bothered by all of the artillery falling down on their field. Poor cows.

I hope you all had an awesome Fourth! Check my other blog later for kid pictures.

***So, I didn't get it posted last night on my other blog, but I did do the dishes, so it is a trade. Too bad you all can't enjoy the clean sink.***
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