Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Posting Something Like a Rabbit

This is The Boy's rabbit. She is named Hoppers and she is now just over 5 years old. The Boy actually named her Hop-Hop when he was given her at the age of two. I can make one recommendation... if you expect a two year old to remotely understand animal care or ownership and all of that you are insane... like me. The Boy now though is old enough that he loves his bunny and is very proud of her. He does not always remember to feed her, but he does feed her when reminded to do so and he never complains about doing so at all.

I love it when rabbits clean themselves and I wish her eye balls didn't look funny in the above picture.

She likes hiding under the fort in the back yard, she must feel safer there.

We let her hop around the small fenced in yard supervised only. We have found the hard way that she must be closely supervised by an adult outside, not just a couple of kids... she got out one day. What was funny though is that we found her quickly and when she heard the sound of my voice she came hopping towards me as fast as possible. The Boy calls her his, but the rabbit and I know better.

I have heard conflicting reports as far as how long sweet bunnies like this live, I continue to hope that this sweet fuzz ball is with us for many, many years.
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Jenny said...

Awwww....Hop Hop looks so soft and squishy!!!

FHL said...

She's beautiful! J and I are just sitting here having a snack and reading your blog...He proclaimed that she's COOL :o)

(whoops spelling error...that's just me making a mess of your comment section *wink*)


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