Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sculpture and Art

We were discussing ways in which we humans were made in the image of God once in our Bible Study group. I noted that we love to create. Now, obviously we do not create in quite the same way God has, but we do create in our own way. I love doing pictures of God's creation. These are some of those.

First we have here a naughty little grasshopper sitting on a little grape tomato on my vines. Yes, the tomato and the hopper are really that small. He is just the neatest little thing, never mind that awesome tomato that will ripen soon and tomatoes really have to be one of the yummiest things that God created. Of course in a perfect world there would be only garden grown tomatoes because the ones bought in the store are really pathetic, but for months of the year I deal with those pathetic tomatoes, then in summer I rejoice mightily as I eat mine from the garden! Yes, I am passionate about home grown tomatoes... amazing things they are (that last part was obviously said by Yoda, not me, I would never write that way).

You know that sunflower decor was all the rage, oh, back in the early 90s and that was all fine and flowery but the fact is that these are some of the coolest flowers ever. Look at how scuptural they are! The rows of seeds... the way the flower will slowly open and ripen into this beauty to behold. The way the huge head on this flower tracks the sun and turns as it follows the heat and light across the sky, everyday. The way the birds will actually perch on the head of the flower and eat the seeds out of it. Bright color, sculptural design, food of the birds, who could ask for anything more.

I love taking time to look, really look at things around me. Probably cause I am a bit lazy and dreamy and I get distracted easier then a june bug in June, but take a look... take a walk... relax and dream and look at the awesome creation. It really does calm my spirit. If you are stressed go de-stress and dream. If you have a little one teach them how to do this as well, it will save you from many therapy bills.

There. I did my nature sermon for the day. Dismissed.
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