Saturday, July 26, 2008

"What about the rest of us"

Last night I had this strange dream. I dreamed that our family was in Europe, in an older hotel. It looked like we were somewhere in Greece. The four of us were on a medium to large size balcony hanging on the side about 2-3 stories up on a coral colored plaster covered building. I was carrying the Girl and she and I went inside, which was a fairly wide hallway with other people in it, not crowded, but it was occupied. It curved to the right after about 15 ft. The Boy and John stayed on the balcony.

Suddenly a strong earthquake hit and I dropped to the floor in a corner with The Girl. I wrapped myself around her and started praying as the building shook around us. I prayed loudly for the safety of my family. I only prayed for my family though. For the four of us. Quite loudly. You could easily say that I was screaming. I was scared particularly for my boys and I can still feel that fear. After I finished my prayer, while the building was still shaking, a voice cried out, "What about the rest of us?"

I prayed again, including the others in my extremely loud prayer. The quake stopped and I immediately got up and checked on my boys and they were safe.

That is where my dream ended.

I remember so few dreams and it strikes me that this is a dream that I remember. In color. Extremely vividly.

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Jenny said...

I am a firm believer that the Lord speaks to us in dreams sometimes, and that He will allow us to remember dreams that are especially vivid when there is a message that you need to hear.

Who was calling out in your dream? A particular familiar voice? Accented? I feel that the location of your dream is particularly important here, since you remember it so clearly.


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