Friday, August 1, 2008

Again we revisit this... again

I have seen again the horrors of people homeschooling. Another news article made it very evident that homeschooling is dangerous because of the lack of supervision from certified teachers. There is no one checking to make sure that these kids are not being abused. This revelation also brought about my attention to THIS article.

I mean really... summer should be illegal.

((I need to note since sarcasm doesn't translate well to written word that this is pure snark. The news article isn't, but the other blog article is as well as my little blurb above. ))

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FHL said...

Wow....The last time I checked all it takes to be a "certified" teacher is four years of college and a test. I'd like to add that I knew folks in college who had to take that (very simple) test three times to pass! Not to put down teachers...but I wonder what exactly the author thinks "qualifies" these individuals....anyone can read a text, take an exam, and earn a college degree. Amazing....


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