Monday, August 4, 2008

Today I taught Sunday School

Today I cleaned house this morning, then I took the kids to the pool for the afternoon. While we were there some of our friends from our last duty station showed up and we were very pleasantly surprised! I am beginning to feel how small the military really is. We have only been stationed at three different bases and I am already running into and meeting up with people that I have lived with on other bases. There are about 8 families here now that I knew from our last duty station. Last week I ran into one of my friends at Garden Ridge. She had just moved here that week and I hadn't seen her since we moved here a year and a half ago. It was so weird seeing her walking around Garden Ridge. I was so used to seeing her in her little shop in Oklahoma. The Air Force is a small world. Anyways, back to my little story...

The boy had friends at the pool to play with, but the girl really didn't, so she invented something new. She had brought one of her dolls with us that can go in the pool. Her name is Katie. She decided that she and Katie and I would play, "baby Moses." We would take turns playing the different roles in the story and we would switch out as necessary. I started off as Moses's mother, and The Girl played the part of Miriam. I set the floating naked baby doll into the pool and said something touching and sweet about God watching over my baby and I asked my little Miriam to watch over her brother. THEN I had to run over and pretend to be the princess. I asked Miriam/lady in waiting to, "bring me that basket." She does and promptly turns around to change character back to Miriam. I then say my next line which is, "I will name you Moses for I have pulled you out of the waters." (Note my King Jamesy ness there?) Miriam then comes up and asks me if I need her to find a nurse for the baby and I agree of course. She fetches herself... I mean... the mother of Moses and promises to return him once he is "weaned" (I had to explain that word.) She then returns him and I make some touching speech about him growing up as a Prince of Egypt.

We played this many times, changing things slightly etc. After a bit, a little girl comes over and in all little girlness asks The Girl to be her friend. The Girl agrees (wouldn't it be nice if it was that easy for us?!) and then proceeds to tell this new girl what we are doing and how to play. The new little girl is confused... she doesn't remember the Moses story. I go over it with her and she remembers that she owns that movie. We have plenty of parts in our little story, so she decides to play the princess and I have to explain "weaned" again. The new girl also thinks that this is much fun and soon another little girl shows up to play with us. We explain the game again (I have to explain 'weaned' again... hehehe...) and go through the lines and they all three play this new game together. Over and over.

I feel like I just taught Sunday School at the pool!


FHL said...

That's fantastic! You never know where God will end up using you :o) Very fun!

Jenny said...

Fun!!!! Can we play?


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