Saturday, September 20, 2008

Amur Tigers

On Thursday we went to the zoo to check out the 5 baby tigers that were born in April. This was the mom's first litter and it really isn't that common for there to be five cubs for a first litter. We are SO excited to have these five cubs nearby for us to visit. The Boy is obsessed with Tigers and he was over the moon ecstatic about the little cubs. They did not disappoint us at all. They played and rolled and pounced all over each other and their momma. Tigers are one of the few cats that really enjoy the water and we did see all five in the pool at the same time.

These Tigers are endangered and The Boy really would like to work with them and help them when he gets older. I keep trying to talk him into something closer to the United States, something more like the Bald Eagle. So far, there is no way! I am sure though that he will change his mind a dozen times or more before he is considered grown, or he could always be like his Daddy and never decide. ;)
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FHL said...

Maybe he'll work with them at the zoo and only go on temporary research adventures....and of course, being a busy man, maybe he could use some help from his mom on those trips as a personal assistant. Sounds perfect ;o)

Mella said...

They are SO cute!


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