Saturday, September 20, 2008

What? You aren't comfortable? Hmm? Dear?

Oh, you are leaving? Tired of this spot you say?

Ahhh... there we go, the best spot.

I will admit that we all laughed quite a bit when we watched this beautiful Lion kick her dear husband out of his spot.
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FHL said...

A, your photos are perfect!!!!

Your little man will have to revisit my blog...there's a special message waiting for him above that mystery cat :o)

Mella said...

The pictures are a story in themselves...and fun to watch. It must have been really humorous to watch Lion Lady root her man our of his favorite "chair!"

Jenny said...


She had cold feet and she stuck them right in his back! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Looks just like how I get the whole couch to myself sometimes.


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