Sunday, September 14, 2008

One Saturday a Month

Just one Saturday a month as I wake up and lay in bed trying to eek the last bit of sleep out of the night before I am forced to deal with feeding two kids and a dog and a cat and a husband, just this one Saturday a month I realize something. It is the Saturday for Gab and Nibble!!! This actually gets me out of bed quite quickly and as I hop up and do all my morning preparations, getting dressed and doing my hair and all of these things that usually get done on Saturdays MUCH MORE SLOWLY I think about what kind of coffee I will have. Ahhh... now that is something to think about when brushing your teeth!

I skip downstairs, check out what Ike did in the night and check my email and let my family know that this is the Saturday morning that they are on their own. John just grins slightly and completely understands. I drive over to the chosen location, this week it is St. Louis Bread Company, sometimes it is at more personal places that serve full omelets and other such yummy things. I walk in and feel like I was just welcomed at Cheers where everyone knows my name! Ten ladies sit around a table with their mugs of coffee and their bagels and their ready smiles and the ready chatter. We talk of homeschooling our kids and we talk about Bible Studies and we talk about our gardens and our homes and our issues with weird neighbors and our issues with strange family members.

The time passes so quickly as we sit and eat pumpkin muffins and sip coffee and tea. Laptops are pulled out and blogs are figured out and pictures are shared and tales are told. Finally someone's cell phone rings. The dad's have broken the mom solitude of the now afternoon. We all scoop up cell phones and say our good byes. We will see each other in the coming week, but it will be with kids and our conversations will be vastly different. They will be interspersed with calls to children, "Don't pick that up! Please don't touch that. What did your sister do? Can you stop crying long enough to tell me what happened? Please don't run in here."

You get the picture. This morning is almost as sacred as church and I do treasure it and can I just tell you how GOOD that pumpkin muffin tasted! MAN!

This reminds me of how important these times are for us moms. The times taken to be without children and it doesn't need to be that long. These mornings often drag onto the afternoons slightly, but they are certainly not weekend retreats!

Once again, I Thank-God for the amazing Homeschool group we have and what a stupendous blessing it has been to our family.

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FHL said...

Perfect description of a perfect morning :o) I actually chuckled out loud at the cell phone call and had to share it with D...who proudly declared himself innocent of any such occurence :o) True, so far....


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