Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Morning Joy

There is nothing like waking up next to a nice warm snuggly cat who has curled up by your side. Nothing like it. Also nothing like walking half asleep into the laundry room to start the first load of laundry and stepping on a nice wet hair ball from said cat. Nope. Nothing like it.

Top of the morning to you all there also, hopefully without the hairballs.
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Kristen said...

I am sooooo glad I did not read that before I ate breakfast. That hairball thing is enough to send a preg. woman over the stable stomach edge. :) Have a great day!!

Anna said...

I am so sorry Kris!!! I did really giggle over that but I am still sorry... You get it all on my blog, gross spiders carrying babies as well as cat hair balls! What more could anyone want?!

Anastasia said...

I had to smile ruefully at this post--last night Alex walked downstairs to find the hairball we had heard our cat hack up. He looked around the corner and said, "It's not th..." took a step, "oh. There it is." :)

FHL said...

.....It went squish when you stepped, and slip when you tread, and ooze when you stood still....I never knew just what it was and I guess I never will......lalala

Yes, I need sleep and I'm heading that way now ;o)

Mella said...

OH!! I have done that more than one time!! It is SOOOO yucky!!!

You're cat's really pretty, by the way.



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