Thursday, October 30, 2008


(((Please beware! This post runs rampant with randomness!!! Consider yourself forewarned, I cannot believe I am going to hit the publish button on this one.)))

So, last night I was up late.

I was up until 2am.

Why you ask? Why?

Well, you see, I made a commitment to a couple of little people. They wanted some costumes for Friday and I had to oblige.

I looked and looked for these costumes to buy but apparently they are hard to find.

My son wanted to go as an Amur Tiger. Now, a tiger costume itself isn't hard to find, but it seems that it is hard to find in his size. It SEEMS that most seven year old boys want to be other things. Things like Jedi knights and things like spiderman with blow up padding in the chest.

My boy is a bit... just a bit (slight sarcasm intended)... into tigers.

Finally I found a fabric that I liked and finally I got most of it sewn last night.

The things we do for kids. MAN.

Now... do you want to know my plans for tonight? Are you curious at all?

Tonight I get to make a BALD EAGLE COSTUME. Yes, you heard that screaming right. My lovely daughter... well, you see, she wanted to be a princess, but if anyone is getting tired of the princess thing it is me. SO, when she started talking princess, I started naming alternatives that were more interesting. Interesting being the key word. Let us just say that you cannot buy a bald eagle costume unless you are a mascot for a fairly prominent team. They are expensive and not sold in little girls size six.

Right now, though I need to run these kids and their grandma off to another field trip. I just wanted to stop in and let you know what was going on, cause I know that all five of my readers were hanging on the edge of their seats breathlessly waiting my next update on my exciting life.

Now, do not lecture me on getting these things done earlier... I KNOW... but this wouldn't make an interesting story at all if I just showed sweet pictures of costumes already made and done and pressed would it?! I didn't think so.

Please take this post with a bit of snark intended... when I am sleepy I tend to get snarky, and also I OBVIOUSLY like cleaning up spilled raw eggs that SOMEHOW got all over my kitchen floor.

All I can say this morning is in honor of tigers everywhere.


Monday, October 27, 2008

not me... nope... no bribery in my house

Last Tuesday the kids were about done in and I had to do Language Arts with them yet. One of the assignments was to make up words with U and I in them. Pretty simple, but my practical children usually see this as pure busy work, which they detest, like I do. I can see the purpose in it, but they cannot, so we forge ahead. Often, I try to make it a game so it is more fun for them. This time, that game did NOT involve these Caramel Bits. Yup. I DID NOT BRIBE them. Nope. They did NOT think it was the most amazing thing ever.

We were towards the end of the day and they had gymnastics, and the brains were starting to lack in functioning abilities. They each made up dozens of words. No kidding... it was amazing. For each word them wrote on the dry erase board they were given one caramel bit. These are tiny things, the size of a pea. They thought they were marvelous! I will not NOT tell them that I like to sneak handfuls of them! HA!

Then I did NOT start feeling bad about bribing me kids. I did NOT feel like a bad mom! AND worse, I did NOT feel like a bad homeschool mom. Why aren't my kids reading Charles Dickens?! Why aren't my kids playing the violin like a virtuoso?! Why don't my kids match their clothes and constantly smile? Why does my daughter want to wear soccer shorts everywhere instead of sweet little denim jumpers with her hair in braids?

BRIBERY! When did it NOT enter my school lessons! YIKES!

I also did NOT miss the trash man this morning and I did NOT run my garage can across the street to be able to catch him. I did NOT pray that none of my neighbors would see me do this in my pajamas.

I did NOT forget about apple butter I was making last night in the crockpot, at least my house smells great.

I did NOT take out THREE empty cat litter cartons (to the recycling)because I keep forgetting about them in my laundry room.

I did NOT just tell my daughter that we do not whine about being cold, that we do something about it and think back on a zillion times I have whined about being cold.

I did NOT take my kids and my friends kids out to the mall by myself while visiting her and I did NOT think, quite a bit about what it would be like to have four, and find myself longing to do so.

I did NOT smell a wee babies head so much that she probably doesn't have hair left on her head from me smelling it. I do NOT love that smell so much that I could become addicted.

I did NOT finish eating all of the caramels from the above bag all by myself.

I did NOT eat a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast yesterday and I will NOT have one for breakfast today.

I did NOT just ask my daughter AGAIN to go put a hoodie or something on cause she is still cold.

Head on over to My Charming Kids for more Not Me!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

i drove home last night

On the way I did stop for a potty break with the kids and also got myself a mocha from McDs... I know, kinda weird huh? Mochas at McDonalds, well I will take my coffee wherever I can get it. Anyways, as I was ordering the sweet teenager who was taking my simple order asked me if I wanted non-fat or regular milk in my mocha. My reply, "Skim please." just didn't work for her. She looked at me slightly concerned and said, "That isn't an option here, we just have non-fat and regular." She said this as she studied the keyboard on her cash register. I grinned, and holding in my laughter, told her that I would take non-fat.

In the car, as I drove down the highway, I just shook my head. Yikes!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

step right up and smell the baby, that is right, genuine baby here!

This morning I am embarking on a little trip to go and visit one of my very bestest of best friends. She has just this last weekend given birth to a baby. A baby! There are very few things in this world as precious as and as special as a baby. Ok. I really can't think of anything else as special and as precious. I just can't!

I have been a little stressed lately and so I am going down there to just breathe in new baby smell. You know... if you have ever been around babies what that smell is like. It seems to encompass all that is good and innocent and pure and right with this world. My kids don't smell like that anymore. My kids smell like adventure and sand and sweat and grass and dreams.

That is a very different smell.

Every now and then it is so important to remember that new baby smell. That pureness and that innocence of a new one fresh from heaven to the shores of this world.

I cannot wait to just smell that smell again! Yippie! So, you don't need to tell my friend that I am really just going down to smell her baby. I am sure she thinks that I am going down to oh... SEE the cute baby and to see her and spend time chatting with her, but we all know the truth don't we! My motives are selfish, but the baby is pure, so that makes it alright doesn't it?!

Friday, October 17, 2008

glorious autumn AND....

Today we are setting out to pick pumpkins with our homeschool group. The weather is very crisp and cool and the kids are ornery. Sounds like AUTUMN!!!

Although anyone that knows me knows that summer is my time of year, who can help but revel in this amazing weather and time. Even if you prefer to swim in the heat, who can help but be in awe at the amazing color that unfolds every year at this time?

I am looking forward to sharing pictures with you soon of our foray into the pumpkin patch!

Have an awesome autumn day!


I had to add onto this post to say that my next post will be my 100th post. Now, that is something. If you actually LOOK hard at my profile you will see that I actually started this blog in January 2007. Now... look at when my first post was. January 2008. That is right, an entire year later. That should tell you something, but I really don't want you to tell me what that might be. Lets just pretend that told you nothing, cause I don't know what that will tell you, but I am sure it isn't something I would like.

So, should I do something special for my 100th post? Should I do a dance? Get down tonight?

I have no idea, but I just noticed that my very next post was going to be post number 100 and I just thought you should know.

So what should I do?! SO much pressure!!!!


So, I lied. Sorta. The next post is not my 100th post according to the dealie on the side there. My next post will be post 81 or somthing like that. SO, I have time to plan for the 100th. My dashboard told me that I was on post 99, but that may be my total posts, including the ones that I do not publish and frankly I have quite a few of those.

You can feel free to leave me ideas for my 100 post. I am thinking a sorta list of 100 things. Like 100 ways to feed your kids dinner while daddy is TDY, or 100 things to play with in the sand, or 100 things to send to a deployed spouse, or 100 ways to skin a turkey, 100 ways my kids sneak cookies out of the kitchen... you know, things like that.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

tea, yup, it works for me

Yes, I am participating in my second blog carnival of the week. Don't make fun of me... I am trying this whole process out. :) Instead of the compulsive lying I did earlier this week, today I get to tell you something that works for me. So, this is what works for me!

Part of our rewards/encouragement system in our home involves magnetic plastic letters on our fridge. They can earn these letters and lose these letters for behavior on their part. The dog and cat have letters also and occasionally they lose quite a few! If a child has all of their letters on the fridge at 7pm they are rewarded with a "special treat." They get to chose the special treat, but we as parents do plenty of guiding.

The Girl had all of her letters on the fridge at 7pm and she decided that she and I would have a tea party. We had one with Graham crackers and Lemon Zinger tea. She invited Pooh and Piglet to join us and we had a delightful time. The Boy periodically would slide a card under the door that he had drawn for one of us, delighting us with pictures of flowers and the like.

We do dress up for these and I have been seen in my wedding dress more than once. The Girl puts on one of her princess costumes and tonight she added to that with a purple fleece robe. I have no idea why, but she thought that was just the thing on top of her purple princess dress. She added enough sugar to her tea for oh... 4 tea cups, but she was happy and that is really all that matters. She had a delightful time and she went to bed tired.

Ah, to put on my wedding dress every night and have tea!

This works for us. The incentive program, the incentives at the end of the day, all of it. They do pick all sorts of things, from tea parties, to baking cookies, to a special video, to a 30 time slot of playing lego starwars on the computer.

My favorite? The tea party. We use her good tea set and we act "fancy." Like Fancy Nancy! What a great connection for mother and for daughter, and really, what woman doesn't enjoy dressing up periodically and pretending?! It is a win-win situation!

That is what works for me!

Monday, October 13, 2008

not me... nope... definitely not me.

So, this is my first attempt at a Not Me Monday and I have no clue what I am doing. SO, I will just do it. I think.

~ I did not just contemplate doing a Not Me Monday for the last 15 minutes.

~ I did not just struggle with the fact that I maybe celebrating my failures and somehow convincing myself that they are funny and not really bad.

~ I did not over analyze them and decide that my failures may actually help someone realize that they are not alone.

~ My kids are Not still in Pajamas playing with Pixel Blocks in the kitchen while I read blogs... at lunchtime.

~ I do Not have dishes sitting in my sink while I write a blog post. Nope.

~ I did not feed my kids popcorn and apples for dinner TWICE last week when my husband was gone.

~ I did not get snippy with my husband when he kept whining incessantly about being sick when I didn't really think he was sick and I did not feel bad when he was actually running a temperature.

~ I did not let my daughter wear a shirt with Oatmeal smeared down the front most of the day. Oh, no, she was dressed so nicely and so clean all day. Really.

~ I did not just contemplate how many lies I have told on this post.

~ I did not just think about going to confession even though I am not catholic. Didn't do it. Nope.

Funny Kid Post

The Girl was dancing around the livingroom working on her ballet and John commented that it looked like she was doing Karate. The Girl told him she wasn't and I asked her if she knew what Karate was. Her response, "It is when someone tries tearing their shirt off."

Apparently this happened during the Olympics and that is what she got out of Karate.

In the case of the cubs though, they are just going to tear each others fur off.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

miracles still happen

We have gotten so used to people shrugging things off as coincidence and "being lucky" that we have forgotten that sometimes there really are miracles. There is no such thing as coincidence.

Two weeks ago the kids and I were driving to the zoo and we were about half way there on a busy highway in the city when there was a loud noise and I looked back to see that The Boys window had completely shattered. It had blown in all over The Boy and portions of it were still hanging in the window and continued to blow in. I slowed down and put my four ways on and I prepared to get off the highway as soon as I could. I kept asking if everyone was alright and the kids seemed shaken and disturbed by this whole thing, but there were no tears and there was no screaming or extreme fright.

I pulled off and I started cleaning the mess up so we could drive back home. There was glass everywhere. It was still partially hanging in the window and we could hear it continue to crack and make a faint music.

I cleaned off The Boys booster seat and I cleaned out the glass hanging in the window. I left the glass laying on the floor for John to clean up at home.

The booster seat had pretty major scratches on the arm rest. The Boy had been sitting covered in shards of glass. He had been wearing nothing heavier then a T-shirt. Glass had flown over as far as The Girl when the window broke.

More then likely it was a rock kicked up by a passing vehicle and these things happen.

We drove home and talked about how amazing it was and is that none of us were hurt at all. Not one scratch, The Girl started praying immediately. She thanked God for keeping us safe. She prayed such a fervent heartfelt prayer of thanksgiving that I was choking back the tears.

I am still in awe that there was not one tiny scratch on my son. I find it so hard to understand and my very human brain wants to understand. I have tried to figure out what he was doing when the window broke. Was he reading a book? Was he playing his leapster? Did one of these things shield him somehow? My brain tries to make sense of it all while my sweet little girl just offers thanks to God.

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."
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i reward myself for doing what i should do anyways

For those of you who just can't wait to hear, No, I haven't yet even started weaning myself off coffee. Just thinking about it makes me quiver. I do want to quit, but blast it, it is so hard.

Alright, now on another vein. The other day when I posted the below post/rant/vent/reflection/whatever, I had to run to the commissary twice and on one of those runs I did something that I do occasionally at the commissary. I reward myself. I reward myself for shopping with two kids and still paying attention to what I am buying and watching prices and watching ingredients and still leaving with two kids who hopefully have not pulled out all of each others hair. My reward is usually chocolate. OK... my reward is always chocolate. You forced it out of me. You are ruthless.

The other day I rewarded myself with these.

I felt that they were worthy of a picture on my blog. I cannot buy these ever again. They are rich and creamy and yummy and not so cheap. BUT... I did go to the commissary TWICE in one day, with both kids. Does that make it OK?

Just look at that yummy Chai goodness... hmm....
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

been thinking...

About a few things. John is TDY this week and this is the first time in a long time that he has been gone for a bit.

I think he is supposed to leave for these periods of time for a few reasons.

1. The military wants him to. They own him... they get to send him to Vegas if they want him to gamble. Granted that is not what he is doing, he is just taking a boring training class in Jersey, but still.

2. It reminds me of how amazing he really is AND how much he does around this house. Just like sometimes a man needs to be left to do everything without the wife to appreciate what she does everyday, I need to be left without John to realize how very much he does here to help me.

3. It reminds me in the slightest way what I had to put up with during those last two deployments and makes me grateful he is not deployed... again.

4. It helps me have some perspective on the Single Mom. Though I still don't fully get it since I do not have to provide income for my little brood... I am all alone. I cannot run to Lowe's to pick up PVC for an art class I teach without VVVEEEEERRRRRYYYY SSSSSLLLLOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLYYYYYYY corralling my kids through there and back out and without losing one of them or accidentally shoplifting something, or accidentally tying one of them on the roof instead of the PVC. It could happen you know. They are just as unweildly. No lies there at all.

On that note, someday I will count how many times I call my daughter's name in a given day to get her back on track. My rough guesstimate is around 400. I am not kidding AT ALL. Just ask anyone that is around us... or sits through a gymnastic class watching her... or teaches her at church or Co-op... or ballet.

Alright, so you get it? I suppose I should say that yes, once again, I have woken up to the fact that John does a lot. Life alone is hard. I hate shopping ANYWHERE with kids and yes... I have grown to love the shift key again.

SO, on that note. I now have to run and cut 30 odd pieces of PVC pipe so that the kids and I can make didgeridoos tomorrow in our Art class during Co-op I should also find my kitchen table. I think it is somewhere out there under the mess we made on it today. OH! And I forgot... I need to compile the Australian Meat Pie that I am making for the Co-op potluck tomorrow. We are studying Australia. I am sure you couldn't tell.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

for those of us thinking of kicking coffee to the curb...

In my post below this one, I didn't mention that I am actually really contemplating kicking the coffee addiction. I do not like being addicted to anything, and I tend to have issues with addiction. Not like BAD stuff... but I seem to become addicted to things easily. Like Cadbury Mini-eggs. We have discussed these things before here.

I hate having a pounding headache because I didn't get a chance to grab coffee on my way running out of the house in the morning. That drives me nuts and makes me feel that I am not in control. Not that I am a control freak. Nope.

Ok... then there are the health aspects. Coffee really isn't healthy. It just isn't. It just tastes great.

I ran across this blog and I really liked the sounds of it and would like to try this stuff, BUT I will need to get my grubby hands on it first. We will see if I can the next time I get to Whole Foods.

Why would I try this stuff? Well, to be honest, I love the taste of coffee and I like the "special" drink factor in the morning. I like that I have a nice warm something to kick my rear into action. Of course, when I give up my Joe I will have to deal with massive headaches and a lack of kick-my-rear-into-gearness, BUT... oh... see... there is the problem. I think about missing out on that Kick my Rear Into Gear goodness and I have problems letting go of the Joe.

I will let you all know if I can give up my Joe. I like to think that I can, but you know what? It is going to be a very hard addiction for me to break.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

grab a cup of joe with me

So, about two weeks ago tragedy hit my house. John was putting away some groceries and he dropped a jar of peanut butter onto my coffee pot. The glass carafe broke and left me with no way to make coffee in the morning. I have had this coffee maker for about 13 years or so. It had been my grandfathers before that. I inherited it. Yes, some people may inherit things like money or jewels... hehe... I got a coffee maker. ANYWAYS, I didn't really want to just buy a whole new coffee maker. I decided that I would just go buy a new carafe, which I had done one other time. So, I headed to Target and picked up a new carafe. I brought it home.

It was too tall for my coffee maker. I would have to return it.

So, still being stubborn about my coffee maker I proceeded on. I mean, who wants to buy a new one if you can keep one out of the landfills by just buying a new carafe? I get peeved with our disposable society so I take things to extremes. You can feel free to roll your eyes at me if you feel the need.

I got on ebay and looked for a carafe to fit my coffee maker. I found one! I made an offfer on it and they countered and I got my coffee pot in the mail a few days later.

It was too short. No kidding. I now have TWO carafes that do not fit my coffee maker and I am drinking instant coffee. I mean someone can only take so much of instant coffee.

Finally, I decided that it was time to go buy a new coffee maker. My Mr. Coffee was still going strong, I had just broken one too many carafes, so I decided to just go with another Mr. Coffee. I found one with a stainless steel carafe. (I can't break it!) It was only eight cups, but that is fine because I am the only one here who drinks coffee and I can always brew more when others are over.

I took the whole thing out of the box and found these weird holes on the back of the fill tank. They are just barely above where the water fill line is. Barely. I was miffed. If I move the coffee pot with a full tank, water will easily be spilling onto the counter. UGH. I called Mr. Coffee and talked to a lady. What is up with that? I called MISTER Coffee. I suppose he is busy and has his wife answer the phone for him. She told me that they are overflow holes so you don't accidently overfill the tank which would result in overfilling your pot, which would result in coffee all over the counter.

I debated taking it back, BUT I just don't want to. I am tired of this and it is a good coffee maker and I don't usually make eight cups at a time so it will rarely be an issue to worry about.

At least I finally have nice hot coffee again.

I SOOOOO wish my coffee looked like this every morning.

I also have two extra Mr. Coffee carafes and a working coffee maker without a carafe just in case anyone needs one.

This tells me something about myself I am sure, but frankly I am not sure I want to know what it is. I am stubborn? I am weird? I am incompetent? I am just not going to think about it.

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