Friday, October 17, 2008

glorious autumn AND....

Today we are setting out to pick pumpkins with our homeschool group. The weather is very crisp and cool and the kids are ornery. Sounds like AUTUMN!!!

Although anyone that knows me knows that summer is my time of year, who can help but revel in this amazing weather and time. Even if you prefer to swim in the heat, who can help but be in awe at the amazing color that unfolds every year at this time?

I am looking forward to sharing pictures with you soon of our foray into the pumpkin patch!

Have an awesome autumn day!


I had to add onto this post to say that my next post will be my 100th post. Now, that is something. If you actually LOOK hard at my profile you will see that I actually started this blog in January 2007. Now... look at when my first post was. January 2008. That is right, an entire year later. That should tell you something, but I really don't want you to tell me what that might be. Lets just pretend that told you nothing, cause I don't know what that will tell you, but I am sure it isn't something I would like.

So, should I do something special for my 100th post? Should I do a dance? Get down tonight?

I have no idea, but I just noticed that my very next post was going to be post number 100 and I just thought you should know.

So what should I do?! SO much pressure!!!!


So, I lied. Sorta. The next post is not my 100th post according to the dealie on the side there. My next post will be post 81 or somthing like that. SO, I have time to plan for the 100th. My dashboard told me that I was on post 99, but that may be my total posts, including the ones that I do not publish and frankly I have quite a few of those.

You can feel free to leave me ideas for my 100 post. I am thinking a sorta list of 100 things. Like 100 ways to feed your kids dinner while daddy is TDY, or 100 things to play with in the sand, or 100 things to send to a deployed spouse, or 100 ways to skin a turkey, 100 ways my kids sneak cookies out of the kitchen... you know, things like that.

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Jenny said...

100 things I love about my family.


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