Saturday, October 4, 2008

grab a cup of joe with me

So, about two weeks ago tragedy hit my house. John was putting away some groceries and he dropped a jar of peanut butter onto my coffee pot. The glass carafe broke and left me with no way to make coffee in the morning. I have had this coffee maker for about 13 years or so. It had been my grandfathers before that. I inherited it. Yes, some people may inherit things like money or jewels... hehe... I got a coffee maker. ANYWAYS, I didn't really want to just buy a whole new coffee maker. I decided that I would just go buy a new carafe, which I had done one other time. So, I headed to Target and picked up a new carafe. I brought it home.

It was too tall for my coffee maker. I would have to return it.

So, still being stubborn about my coffee maker I proceeded on. I mean, who wants to buy a new one if you can keep one out of the landfills by just buying a new carafe? I get peeved with our disposable society so I take things to extremes. You can feel free to roll your eyes at me if you feel the need.

I got on ebay and looked for a carafe to fit my coffee maker. I found one! I made an offfer on it and they countered and I got my coffee pot in the mail a few days later.

It was too short. No kidding. I now have TWO carafes that do not fit my coffee maker and I am drinking instant coffee. I mean someone can only take so much of instant coffee.

Finally, I decided that it was time to go buy a new coffee maker. My Mr. Coffee was still going strong, I had just broken one too many carafes, so I decided to just go with another Mr. Coffee. I found one with a stainless steel carafe. (I can't break it!) It was only eight cups, but that is fine because I am the only one here who drinks coffee and I can always brew more when others are over.

I took the whole thing out of the box and found these weird holes on the back of the fill tank. They are just barely above where the water fill line is. Barely. I was miffed. If I move the coffee pot with a full tank, water will easily be spilling onto the counter. UGH. I called Mr. Coffee and talked to a lady. What is up with that? I called MISTER Coffee. I suppose he is busy and has his wife answer the phone for him. She told me that they are overflow holes so you don't accidently overfill the tank which would result in overfilling your pot, which would result in coffee all over the counter.

I debated taking it back, BUT I just don't want to. I am tired of this and it is a good coffee maker and I don't usually make eight cups at a time so it will rarely be an issue to worry about.

At least I finally have nice hot coffee again.

I SOOOOO wish my coffee looked like this every morning.

I also have two extra Mr. Coffee carafes and a working coffee maker without a carafe just in case anyone needs one.

This tells me something about myself I am sure, but frankly I am not sure I want to know what it is. I am stubborn? I am weird? I am incompetent? I am just not going to think about it.


Jenny said...

And here I thought that this post was going to be about how were going to give up coffee and drink that funky stuff we talked about a couple of weeks ago. You ARE a true coffee addict. Welcome.

Anonymous said...

no, you're just Anna:) Loved the post... I just gave up drinking coffee every day:)

- Rebecca

Anna said...

So good to hear from you here. Well, I was going to put in my post how I was planning on giving up coffee and it was getting too wordy. Shocking and I am sure that not everyone wants to hear me ramble on forever... but then what would they be doing here on my blog right? hehehe... Anyhow, I was considering trying this coffee substitute, let me see if I can find the link for it and I will post it on the front page.

FHL said...

*chuckling* :o) Hey, but the new maker is beautiful! I know what you mean about being wasteful...hence the um reason I have a spare coffee pot to bring to Co-op. Or does that just make me a pack rat ;o)


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