Thursday, October 9, 2008

i reward myself for doing what i should do anyways

For those of you who just can't wait to hear, No, I haven't yet even started weaning myself off coffee. Just thinking about it makes me quiver. I do want to quit, but blast it, it is so hard.

Alright, now on another vein. The other day when I posted the below post/rant/vent/reflection/whatever, I had to run to the commissary twice and on one of those runs I did something that I do occasionally at the commissary. I reward myself. I reward myself for shopping with two kids and still paying attention to what I am buying and watching prices and watching ingredients and still leaving with two kids who hopefully have not pulled out all of each others hair. My reward is usually chocolate. OK... my reward is always chocolate. You forced it out of me. You are ruthless.

The other day I rewarded myself with these.

I felt that they were worthy of a picture on my blog. I cannot buy these ever again. They are rich and creamy and yummy and not so cheap. BUT... I did go to the commissary TWICE in one day, with both kids. Does that make it OK?

Just look at that yummy Chai goodness... hmm....
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FHL said...

Oh those look good! Your blog looks terrific! Can you send me the link you found????

FHL said...

Found it :o)

Ellen said...

Kids to the grocery store twice in one day....YES, you deserve it!

They look so yummy, too.

Anonymous said...

Anna, I love reading your blog, and dang it girl you just made me very hungry for chocolate, um, good thing I will be rewarding myself tonight with hot cocoa and cookies, first I have to think up a really valid reason to reward myself............. hmmmmm.......oh well, hehehe



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