Monday, October 27, 2008

not me... nope... no bribery in my house

Last Tuesday the kids were about done in and I had to do Language Arts with them yet. One of the assignments was to make up words with U and I in them. Pretty simple, but my practical children usually see this as pure busy work, which they detest, like I do. I can see the purpose in it, but they cannot, so we forge ahead. Often, I try to make it a game so it is more fun for them. This time, that game did NOT involve these Caramel Bits. Yup. I DID NOT BRIBE them. Nope. They did NOT think it was the most amazing thing ever.

We were towards the end of the day and they had gymnastics, and the brains were starting to lack in functioning abilities. They each made up dozens of words. No kidding... it was amazing. For each word them wrote on the dry erase board they were given one caramel bit. These are tiny things, the size of a pea. They thought they were marvelous! I will not NOT tell them that I like to sneak handfuls of them! HA!

Then I did NOT start feeling bad about bribing me kids. I did NOT feel like a bad mom! AND worse, I did NOT feel like a bad homeschool mom. Why aren't my kids reading Charles Dickens?! Why aren't my kids playing the violin like a virtuoso?! Why don't my kids match their clothes and constantly smile? Why does my daughter want to wear soccer shorts everywhere instead of sweet little denim jumpers with her hair in braids?

BRIBERY! When did it NOT enter my school lessons! YIKES!

I also did NOT miss the trash man this morning and I did NOT run my garage can across the street to be able to catch him. I did NOT pray that none of my neighbors would see me do this in my pajamas.

I did NOT forget about apple butter I was making last night in the crockpot, at least my house smells great.

I did NOT take out THREE empty cat litter cartons (to the recycling)because I keep forgetting about them in my laundry room.

I did NOT just tell my daughter that we do not whine about being cold, that we do something about it and think back on a zillion times I have whined about being cold.

I did NOT take my kids and my friends kids out to the mall by myself while visiting her and I did NOT think, quite a bit about what it would be like to have four, and find myself longing to do so.

I did NOT smell a wee babies head so much that she probably doesn't have hair left on her head from me smelling it. I do NOT love that smell so much that I could become addicted.

I did NOT finish eating all of the caramels from the above bag all by myself.

I did NOT eat a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast yesterday and I will NOT have one for breakfast today.

I did NOT just ask my daughter AGAIN to go put a hoodie or something on cause she is still cold.

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Jenny said...

I don't bribe my kids either. Never would I buy a bag of chocolate chips to bribe my children to work on their phonics. And I certainly did not bribe my children with a cupcake if they finished off their oatmeal in a hurry yesterday.

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

Oh yes, I have asked a perfect STRANGER in WalMart before to smell her brand new baby daughter's head...I'm shocked I was not thrown out....hehehehe

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

If I were to bribe, I would not do it with carmels that I LOVE.. because I would eat the whole bag and there would be none left for bribing. If I did bribe.


3 Bay B Chicks said...

What a very fun and entertaining list of Not-Me's this week. I love it...especially when it comes to bribing to bring about good behavior. Are you trying to tell me this is not perfectly normal and acceptable parenting behavior? It certainly has happened in my house from time to time. LOL.

I can also completely relate to the garbage man story. I think my trash collector has become so accustomed to me frantically trying to get the cans to the curb at 5:30 am, he wonders what is going on if I am not there.

Thanks for your great post.

Ashley Griffin said...

Bribery... you gotta stick with what works :)

Kristen said...

Too funny. My mind cannot even remember all of the things I did NOT do this past week. I cannot even remember the things I DID NOT NOT DO!

Lynx Corgan said...

hi, i'm 15 and i'm come from Vietnam. maybe i'm same ages of your daughter. things are not seem what we seem, but i think you just all want to be fine and the distance of relationship between you and your daughter closer, right? i think you will have a better way to find out. Do everything as possible as you can, and have a great relax on weekend, i think that it gonna be ok,

FHL said...

Tee hee....I DID NOT buy a similiar bag of caramel bits at the commissary last week...and I have NOT been eating them all week long either! :o)


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