Thursday, October 30, 2008


(((Please beware! This post runs rampant with randomness!!! Consider yourself forewarned, I cannot believe I am going to hit the publish button on this one.)))

So, last night I was up late.

I was up until 2am.

Why you ask? Why?

Well, you see, I made a commitment to a couple of little people. They wanted some costumes for Friday and I had to oblige.

I looked and looked for these costumes to buy but apparently they are hard to find.

My son wanted to go as an Amur Tiger. Now, a tiger costume itself isn't hard to find, but it seems that it is hard to find in his size. It SEEMS that most seven year old boys want to be other things. Things like Jedi knights and things like spiderman with blow up padding in the chest.

My boy is a bit... just a bit (slight sarcasm intended)... into tigers.

Finally I found a fabric that I liked and finally I got most of it sewn last night.

The things we do for kids. MAN.

Now... do you want to know my plans for tonight? Are you curious at all?

Tonight I get to make a BALD EAGLE COSTUME. Yes, you heard that screaming right. My lovely daughter... well, you see, she wanted to be a princess, but if anyone is getting tired of the princess thing it is me. SO, when she started talking princess, I started naming alternatives that were more interesting. Interesting being the key word. Let us just say that you cannot buy a bald eagle costume unless you are a mascot for a fairly prominent team. They are expensive and not sold in little girls size six.

Right now, though I need to run these kids and their grandma off to another field trip. I just wanted to stop in and let you know what was going on, cause I know that all five of my readers were hanging on the edge of their seats breathlessly waiting my next update on my exciting life.

Now, do not lecture me on getting these things done earlier... I KNOW... but this wouldn't make an interesting story at all if I just showed sweet pictures of costumes already made and done and pressed would it?! I didn't think so.

Please take this post with a bit of snark intended... when I am sleepy I tend to get snarky, and also I OBVIOUSLY like cleaning up spilled raw eggs that SOMEHOW got all over my kitchen floor.

All I can say this morning is in honor of tigers everywhere.



Kristen said...

You are too funny. How was the corn maze?

Jenny said...

Proud to be one of your 5. Yea me!!!!!

Anyways, you know how I was really ambitious with my costumes this year? My litter of kittens, well, it's just one cat. And my fairy on a toadstool? Well. I failed miserably. She is a mere fairy. At least the Cabbage Patch in a box worked out, so not all of my efforts were in vain. Sure I could stay up all night and finish these things...but, I'm not. I have admitted defeat. Oh well. I am giving myself a little bit of grace.

skissugar said...

wow.. Make sure to share pictures of the fabulous costumes!! Thank you for loaning me some vanilla today!

Susan said...

I'm super siked to see some pictures with the kids. Good thing Grandma's there for moral support!

FHL said...

I bet they looked great! And I don't know about last minute lecturing...just the fact that you MADE them is pretty amazing to me! If anything I think that may give you another ticket in the Mom of the year drawing!



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