Wednesday, October 22, 2008

step right up and smell the baby, that is right, genuine baby here!

This morning I am embarking on a little trip to go and visit one of my very bestest of best friends. She has just this last weekend given birth to a baby. A baby! There are very few things in this world as precious as and as special as a baby. Ok. I really can't think of anything else as special and as precious. I just can't!

I have been a little stressed lately and so I am going down there to just breathe in new baby smell. You know... if you have ever been around babies what that smell is like. It seems to encompass all that is good and innocent and pure and right with this world. My kids don't smell like that anymore. My kids smell like adventure and sand and sweat and grass and dreams.

That is a very different smell.

Every now and then it is so important to remember that new baby smell. That pureness and that innocence of a new one fresh from heaven to the shores of this world.

I cannot wait to just smell that smell again! Yippie! So, you don't need to tell my friend that I am really just going down to smell her baby. I am sure she thinks that I am going down to oh... SEE the cute baby and to see her and spend time chatting with her, but we all know the truth don't we! My motives are selfish, but the baby is pure, so that makes it alright doesn't it?!


Jenny said...

I KNOW THAT SMELL!!!! If only we could bottle that smell and make it a mandatory aromatherapy treatment for all politicians and abortionists, and well, stressed out people worldwide!

There is nothing that compares to holding a newborn, cuddling and kissing and rocking and whispering loving words...nope. Nothing like it in the world. Enjoy that wee one!

Anonymous said...

Just think, it'll come your way again in about 8 more months:) At least, if the USAF decides to station us somewhere around you guys!


Anna said...

I keep praying that you all get stationed with us. :) We would love to be able to commune with you all again. You need to let me know when you will be finding out. You could put in for a Special Duty here like John did... then you will have amazingly normal hours and more actual time to do normal family type stuff. It is weird... BUT GOOD!

Kristen said...

As the mother of the precious new baby and her delightful smell, I must say your visit has been wonderful. I will glad let you inhale her sweetness. We both know that it does not last forever, but it is such a blessing to get to experience it again. God is so good!


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