Wednesday, October 15, 2008

tea, yup, it works for me

Yes, I am participating in my second blog carnival of the week. Don't make fun of me... I am trying this whole process out. :) Instead of the compulsive lying I did earlier this week, today I get to tell you something that works for me. So, this is what works for me!

Part of our rewards/encouragement system in our home involves magnetic plastic letters on our fridge. They can earn these letters and lose these letters for behavior on their part. The dog and cat have letters also and occasionally they lose quite a few! If a child has all of their letters on the fridge at 7pm they are rewarded with a "special treat." They get to chose the special treat, but we as parents do plenty of guiding.

The Girl had all of her letters on the fridge at 7pm and she decided that she and I would have a tea party. We had one with Graham crackers and Lemon Zinger tea. She invited Pooh and Piglet to join us and we had a delightful time. The Boy periodically would slide a card under the door that he had drawn for one of us, delighting us with pictures of flowers and the like.

We do dress up for these and I have been seen in my wedding dress more than once. The Girl puts on one of her princess costumes and tonight she added to that with a purple fleece robe. I have no idea why, but she thought that was just the thing on top of her purple princess dress. She added enough sugar to her tea for oh... 4 tea cups, but she was happy and that is really all that matters. She had a delightful time and she went to bed tired.

Ah, to put on my wedding dress every night and have tea!

This works for us. The incentive program, the incentives at the end of the day, all of it. They do pick all sorts of things, from tea parties, to baking cookies, to a special video, to a 30 time slot of playing lego starwars on the computer.

My favorite? The tea party. We use her good tea set and we act "fancy." Like Fancy Nancy! What a great connection for mother and for daughter, and really, what woman doesn't enjoy dressing up periodically and pretending?! It is a win-win situation!

That is what works for me!


Brittany said...

Great idea. I just might try that.

FHL said...

OOOoooo can I come to the next one? How fun would it be to drive through the gate in my wedding dress & inform them that I'm on my way to tea ;o)

Ellen said...

Oh, I can just imagine your tea party...Fancy Nancy is just the way to do it up right!! Oh, to have had a little girl!

Jenny said...

I love this idea. I may try the magnet idea. Got any ideas on how to get my kid to complete her assignments in a timely manner?

Grammy said...

I love the letter on frig I miss them.


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