Monday, November 24, 2008

bear returns

Continued from: Simply Bear

The Momma checked her email and checked her email again and again to track the precious box that was being shipped across the country. Finally, the tracking site said that the package was delivered.

The Momma eagerly walked down to the mailbox and unlocked the small door. The box sat there in all it's freezing splendor. It was shoebox size and the Momma instantly imagined the two brother bears tumbling about inside together. The package was light and she quickly carried the box back down the street.

At home she sequestered herself in her bedroom and locked the door. She quickly opened the box and peered in. Bear was sitting right there on top. His rear end pointed up. She pulled him out and held him at arm's length to be sure it was really the sweet bear come home. She determined that it was, save that ribbon that he must have lost in his travels.

The new friend bear in the bottom of the box was sweet and soft and had a blue satin ribbon around his neck. The Momma reflected with a smile that he must have adopted another brother for the family.

When she thought of keeping this bear from The Girl all the way until Christmas, she felt like a idiot and so she decided to let The Girl have Bear. But how? The Momma straightened the bed and carefully placed both bears back in the box the way they had traveled.

She skipped down the stairs and found The Girl painting at the kitchen table, "Come on upstairs, I have something that you need to see!" Momma also motioned for the brother to follow.

The kidlets, with excited faces, raced up the stairs and into the bedroom with the box.

The Momma directed the Little One to the box, "There is something in this box that I think you should see." The Girl looked up at her Momma puzzled and the Momma's heart swelled just a wee bit. The Little One started opening the box as she said, "What is it? OH! BEAR!" She pulled the floppy bear out and instantly hugged him to her chest. After a moment she pulled him off of herself and held him at arms length and looked at him hard. She studied his fur and his face and her brow wrinkled up when she noticed the missing bow.

Momma interceded, "He must have lost his bow in his travels. He was gone so long, who knows what happened to his bow." The Girl tucked Bear under her arm in such a sweet familiar way and she looked in the box again. She gasped slightly and reached in to pull out the second bear. "But Momma, where did this bear come from?!"

"Oh, I think Bear decided that he needed a brother, so I think he adopted him." The kids were later known to argue over where the brother was adopted from, they couldn't decide whether he was from China, or from Asia.

Momma continued on, "Perhaps since Bear needed a brother, perhaps your brother could be the new owner of this bear." The Girl instantaneously agreed and handed her brother the new bear.

The first thing she did was take Bear down to the Book Nook and read him a story while he was snuggled on her lap. The Momma watched this take place and tears welled up in her eyes. The sweetness, the specialness of the Book Nook had just grown by another ten fold. Many times what children are really trying to say comes out so much more profoundly in what they do.

After the Book Nook, the Girl decided that Bear needed a new ribbon and that he needed some clothes. Some pajamas perhaps? The Momma promised to sew some up soon.

The rest of the day and the next couple of days Bear could be found snuggled up very close to The Girl at all times. He was once again the constant playmate for the Little One.

The brother bear became known as Carmel because of his Carmel color and he soon had a fast wrestling friend in The Boy.

The first night that the bears were both home, the Momma went and checked on her children as she does every night and she found both of them hugging the bears so close, so snuggly and tight, the way bears are meant to be held and snuggled.

For the next several days Bear was constantly attached to the girl, whether playing or eating or doing school Bear was there with her. He was christened with soy milk on his head from breakfast and later smelled like Labrador drool from the cleaning he got from the dog.

One night though, after the Momma had taught Cub Scouts and drove home with the Boy, she found the house in a mild panic. Bear was missing again. "Was he taken anywhere today? Did he go into any stores? Where was he last?" The sweet Girl was concerned, but not upset. She was optimistic, but slightly worried. She couldn't remember if she had taken him into the store. She thought the last place that she had him was inside the tent she had made in the living room. The house was searched from one end to the other. Blankets were shook out, beds were peered behind. Sofas were searched under, laundry baskets were ransacked.

No Bear could be found.

Finally, after much thought and concern, The Momma decided to check the back yard. Even though the weather was cold The Momma often would send her children out to run and play and imagine and she thought she vaguely remembered Bear going out to play as well. She decided to do a quick scan of the yard. She walked towards the play house and peered in. An empty doll stroller stared back at her. She looked up in the fort and nothing but a freezing spider caught her glance. She walked past the empty swing blowing in the breeze and she peeked in to the wagon and saw a small fuzzy brown shape tumbled in the bottom.

The Momma pulled the cold bear up to her and hugged him close and breathed in the sweet smell of much playing. She carried him up to a restless Little One who quickly pulled bear to close to her under the covers to warm him up. Her smile could have lit up the dark room. Bear grinned as he was slowly lulled to sleep by the steady breathing of a warm cozy companion.

Ah, the adventures that bears have.


Kristen said...

What a sweet story! I sometimes think that losing/misplacing something is good for all of us. It teaches us gratitude as well as spontaneous joy when the reunion takes place.

Jenny said...

So, did there ever figure out which country Caramel came from?

The ending to your story reminds me a tad of a little book called Tom Rabbit. I wonder if you have that story in all of your vast collection of books?

Susan said...

Anna, you really are a fantastic writer. I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving.


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