Thursday, November 20, 2008

bloggy bluggy give aways

I have this problem. I keep entering blog giveaways and I never, ever win anything. I also think it is pathetic that I keep trying, cause well, some of them have thousands and thousands of entries, and yet, I put my comment on there and hope for the best. THEN the saddest part?! I am actually slightly disappointed when I do not win anything.

I think that above paragraph could make me certifiably weird. I mean really.

So, once again, here I am. Entering a Blog give away. This one requires me to post about it here on my blog and there are very few things that I would do this for. I am not even sure that I would do it for a Kitchenaid Mixer... and I did recently hope and hope I would win one of those and of course I did not. Nope. This blog give away is for something that I hold even more dear... Don't giggle... I am sure that you wouldn't realize this in a million years... The give away is for...

BOOKS!!! She is giving away books.

So, if you like books, and if you have been reading here for long you will know that I have an obsessive personality problem with books, then head on over to Owlhaven and check out what she is giving away.

She is my hero and she doesn't even know it.


FHL said...

I'm rooting for you Anna! And will not even enter so that you have an even greater chance of winning! ;o)

Owlhaven said...

Bless you for your kind words!!

Now I'm hoping that my random number generator will pick you!

Mary, mom to many

Anna said...

Yikes! hehe... She DOES know about it!

Julie said...

Hi, Anna! I just realized that you follow my blog. Welcome.

I'm sorry you haven't won anything. : ( Keep trying. I have won several little things, but I keep my fingers crossed for one of Pioneer Woman's major giveaways!!

FHL said...

Just dropping by to see if there's been a makeover ;o)


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